November 16, 2014 in WordPress Designer News

WordPress Designer News – Rules Your Should Stick To When Designing Responsive Websites

Predictions say that by the end of 2014, around 1.75 billion people around the globe will use smartphones on a regular basis.

This means that those of you who are among the first to adapt to this rapidly growing market will reap the benefits.

This means that your business should be easily accessible on any given device, so your website design has to adapt not only for the desktop user, but also the smartphone user.

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November 14, 2014 in WordPress Designer News

WordPress Designer News – Torch Theme Update

The Torch theme is a 100% responsive business WordPress theme.

Torch is a lightweight free WordPress theme, Torch has become steps ahead when compared to similar themes.

Torch has been built with Bootstrap, meaning that it works well on browsers whether it be on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

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October 31, 2014 in WordPress Designer News

WordPress Designer News – Moesia Theme Update

Moesia is a hugely striking business theme that you can use to build an effective online presence for you business.

You get to choose from eleven predefined blocks and build a homepage that suits your company.

Each homepage block can have a parallax background image with its own set of colours.

Moesia also features a selection of Google Fonts, with two types of layout for your blog page, cool animations and great effects, a parallax header and much much more.

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Blog design bit bbc mashable

October 16, 2013 in Blog Design Bits, Web Design Bits

Blog Design Bits: How BBC & Mashable Do Social Media Sharing

A collection of blog design bits that showcase the different approaches the BBC and Mashable have taken in their social media sharing.

BBC Homepage

The BBC’s homepage is based around a large content slider, with literally no social media profiles or sharing buttons in sight. Have the BBC gone Stalin!, dictating our sharing? Well, yes; I expect the BBC know that their visitor ship is here for their news content, and at this stage, are not ready to share.

It’s interesting to note that the BBC homepage does not show what readers are sharing the most, instead – the hierarchy and size of the news posts sets the importance level to the reader.

BBC Homepage

BBC Single Post page

Once you’ve clicked on a news piece and arrive at a single post page the BBC offer a quaint placement of social sharing buttons, a simple row of small icons atop and below the news post.

BBC Social Share Icons

They have 3 main icons in each space; 1.Share This, 2.Facebook, 3.Twitter.

Interestingly the ‘Share” isn’t the typical “Share This” widget you’d normally get from the official service, it seems the BBC have used the iconology of the green badge with connected node icons and the word “Share” alone.  Click on the Share icon and a box pops up with more social media icons, just like the original Share This service. Obviously, the BBC feel the iconology of the Share This mark is a worthy convention, even for a website of this size.

Mashable Homepage

The Mashable homepage has more shares than a 90’s web start-up. The big blue header houses a row of social media icons (1.Facebook, 2.twitter, 3.Google+) that when hovered over pops up with a large bar with their social media icons, leading to their social network profiles.

Mashable homepage

Mashable know their audience is technical and have designed their social media to be plentiful. You wont find any social media icons further down the homepage though – as Mashable use one of those ‘bottomless glass’ type of content scrolling systems that just keeps popping up with content forever and ever.

Mashable news post

The Mashable homepage is split into three columns of news posts; The New Stuff, The Next Big Thing, and Whats Hot. Each news item has it’s overall shares displayed. If you hover over the latest news post in the Whats Hot column the shares area becomes  a list of social media sharing icons.

They have 6 icons: 1.Facebook, 2. Twitter, 3.Google+, 4.LinkedIn, with each icon displaying the number of individual network shares.

Mashable Single Post Page

Once you’ve clicked on a news post and arrive at a single  post page,  Mashable slap you across the head with a wet haddock full of social.

Mashable single news

This layout has more icons than an Xfactor contestant. We start with a giant overall social share number positioned at eye level (top, left), followed by a large row of social media icons, with the bubbles displaying the different social networks share numbers.

Then follows a line graph, yep, I said that, a line graph. Mashable know how to appeal to their technical audience, it turns out it’s the Mashable Velocity Graph, it shows how quickly people are sharing this news post, it’s technical and geeky, I love it. Though I do feel it’s too abstract and holds no value or clarity of data, a thermometer or speed dial may get across this data with more clarity.

Then to the the right theres a row of social media profile links: 1.Facebook, 2.Twitter, 3. Google+ – just in case your convinced to Like Mashable now you’ve read their content.

Mashable have taken note of how we all love sharing photos, they have a row of social media icons appear when you hover over an image.

Website Business Model: Pay With A Tweet

Do you want to hear something interesting? Of course you do. Pay with a Tweet is a fascinating website business model which utilizes micro blogging platform Twitter to spread the word and create buzz about your product.

The idea is that you create a product that Twitter-savvy users would buy. Don’t charge for the product in the traditional sense with dollars, euro, or sterling. Rather, you allow Twitter fans to purchase the product for the price of a Tweet – it’s just that simple. Fascinating, right?

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