May 4, 2013 in Design Process

Web Page Design Width 2013, and the Device Landscape

Recently a junior web designer asked me “how wide should my web design be”? I said “it’s 2013, it should be as wide as the device”. The Designer looked puzzled and my answer was not useful.

We used to be able to design to 960 or 1000 px (pixels) width, but this is no longer the case. The device landscape has changed.

There are now (2013), a myriad of web browsers that we need to consider; Google Chrome has the market share of web usage with 50%, ¬†followed by Mozilla Firefox with 28%, Internet Explorer 13%, and Apple’s Safari about 4%. ¬†These browsers are typically being used on laptops and desktops with a screen resolution of higher than 1024 x 768px, according to W3C Schools.

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