May 30, 2015 in Blog Design Inspiration

Blog Design Inspiration – Greg Wilson


This weeks blog design inspiration from Greg Wilson. A blog written by  a DJ who lives in Merseyside and performs at festivals across the UK.  On his site he talks about the music he hears, the places he sees and the people he meets.

The look of the design is minimalistic in approach, the off-black Georgia font really makes the text easy to read set against the white background.  Links are presented throughout the site in Strawberry red which brings them neatly off the page.

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January 5, 2015 in WordPress Designer News

WordPress Designer News – Driving Traffic Towards Your Website

It is now 2015, so you should start thinking about how you plan to drive even more traffic towards your website.

This is done by refining your strategies to increase traffic towards your website.

This is such a highly used topic, we have all heard the same advice time and time again if the truth be told.

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November 23, 2014 in WordPress Designer News

WordPress Designer News – The Power Behind Search Plugins

Sphinx Search

The WordPress Sphinx Search Plugin allows the user to utilise Sphinx Search Server power, allowing you to enable ultra-fast, feature rich search capabilities on WordPress based websites.

It is especially useful if your WordPress site has a large amount of content.

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November 16, 2014 in WordPress Designer News

WordPress Designer News – Rules Your Should Stick To When Designing Responsive Websites

Predictions say that by the end of 2014, around 1.75 billion people around the globe will use smartphones on a regular basis.

This means that those of you who are among the first to adapt to this rapidly growing market will reap the benefits.

This means that your business should be easily accessible on any given device, so your website design has to adapt not only for the desktop user, but also the smartphone user.

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A List Apart

May 24, 2013 in Web Design Critique

Web Design Critique: A List Apart

This web design critique focuses on one of the web design industries leading publications, the infamous Alistapart. Their new responsive design is a pleasure to use regardless of device. The overall design is a clean and highly usable one column layout with easy reading large text.

A List Apart

Theres no traditional top main navigation on the homepage as such; but rather the content hierarchy navigates the user; with the homepage featuring the two most recent posts; exactly what 99% of their users want upon arrival. A secondary navigation in the footer holds what we’d consider main navigation.

The branding has had mixed reactions from the web community but I love the simplicity of the branding and I think the emphasis on type from such a large web design player is a beacon of direction as to where the web is heading, after all web pages are 99% text. Bold and brave ALA, I love it.

Type is mostly Georgia Pro, with bold headings set in ITC Franklin, again the Georgia choice had mixed reactions from the community, but I feel it works great in context with the bold headings.

The text and large illustrations (retina ready) allow the user to consume the content with ease. I think ALA have gone with the times and even showcased the web at it’s most accessible and naked best; an art directed text document.