Creative Pen Case study

Company Name: Creative Pen

Sector: Copywriting / Writing


Brand Identity

The Creative Pen brand is designed to showcase the talents of professional copywriter, Matthew Pattinson. To drive home the significance of the written word, the whole website is heavily typographical, with words taking center-stage leaving the website as an accompaniment.


Logo Design

The logo mark is designed as if viewed from a bird’s eye perspective, the user almost looking down the barrel of a pen – the nib resembling a creative star.

Film Poster Design

The copywriter – a young talent from the UK with a strong personality – also named film writing as an interest. With this mind, the obvious direction was a poster-like design. Aesthetics would be bold and to the point – a film poster, after all, often has one clear message to communicate.

Written Word Metaphor

The powerful mono type colour scheme and ripped paper effect imbue the design with a back to basics pen and paper metaphor, thereby further emphasizing the importance of words.


The stenciled grungy main fonts focus viewers’ attention on the words, while guiding the users’ attention. The paragraph font is well spaced and readable.

Grid Design

Like most film posters, the CP website was designed from a grid system – meaning eye catching alignment and pixel perfect lines add a order and scan-ability to the website.

Business objectives

The main business goal of the CreativePen website is drive sales and encourage prospect customers to:

1.make contact
2.get a quote

User tasks

The website is designed with the user experience in mind, allowing them to undertake their tasks as efficiently as possible. These designed-in user pathways also align with CreativePen’s business objectives. From my experience, aligning your business objectives with that which your user wants to get done is just smart.

CreativePen user tasks:

1. find a service I want undertaking
2. research what service I require
3. establish the level of trust
4. view past work experience
5. make contact, maybe to ask a question
6. get a quote

SEO / Keyword Research

Working with a copywriter is a dream come true – Matt knows how to write for the web. He sprinkles in keywords and keeps sentences snappy and sumptuous to read. So all I had to do was undertake some keyword research and advise upon what his web marketing strategy should be.

With a brand new website it’s sometimes hard to rank highly for your preferred search terms, so one technique is to undertake keyword research to get a real-life measure of the company’s demographic. For best results, go one step further and eek-out a niche key phrase that users are typing into Google to find a service.

I found a niche for CP and Matt’s visitor numbers have doubled since the re-design – bingo!

Lonely Web

There’s no worse feeling than walking through a dark alley at night and feeling alone – that’s how you can sometimes feel when arriving at a website. So why not highlight grab words that the user is looking for in order to throw them a torch and provide direction?

With CreativePen, I deployed a featured content slider to highlight different parts of the website, with regularly changing content – a sure-fire way of keep the website fresh and civil, adding a historical human side to the web experience. This can be especially important when the user visits the 2nd, 3rd or 4th time while researching a service.

Web Usability

The CreativePen website was built for Matt – a copywriter – but the website itself has been designed for his customers. This user-centric method hails great results. The whole user experience has been mapped out with design thinking, keeping things simple and usable.

The words are easy to read, the navigation guides users through their tasks and the website hierarchy is simple and efficient.

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