December 5, 2014 in WordPress Designer Snippets

Google Updates CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA has protected websites from spam for a few years now, whether you love it or hate it, CAPTCHA does what it says on the tin.

Well, new Google have updated things a little, thus creating reCAPTCHA.

CAPTCHA’s aim was to protect the websites you use from spam and abuse from bots.

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October 9, 2013 in WordPress Designer Snippets

WordPress Designer Snippets : Add Sidebar Widget Areas

This WordPress designer snippet allows you to add a sidebar widget area to your web layout.

Widget areas are typically used for sidebars and footers, but I have seen designers utilise full widget areas for home page layouts, allowing their client a level of content control.

There are fifteen default widgets that come installed with WordPress, all with varying functionality; widgets that show a list of categories, widgets that show a calendar, widgets that show a list of recent posts.

Widget areas can be controlled in the WordPress Dashboard, under the Appearance section, you’ll find a Widgets section – here you can simply drag and drop your widgets into your widget areas.

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June 17, 2013 in WordPress Designer Snippets

WordPress Designer Snippet: Author Profile

A great way of creating a connection with your readers is to tell them a little about you in a short author bio at the end of your blog post. This is particularly useful if you have multiple blog authors or want to allow guest posting.

This WordPress designer snippet pulls-in the users bio information and their avatar from their WordPress user account:

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May 30, 2013 in WordPress Designer Snippets

WordPress Designer Snippet: Force SSL on Login for better security

You can force WordPress administrators to login using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). SSL is an an encryption method, you’ve probably seen the little lock that appears in the address bar of your web browser on an SSL secured web page.

Add this code snippet to your config file to force SSL on login:


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