October 20, 2016 in Web Design News, Wordpress News

WordPress stats shock and awe

Whilst reading a round-up of current WordPress stats it really makes you appreciate just how far our beloved little blogging platform has come.

What is rather worrying is that WordPress powers 27% of the internet, but only 40% of WordPress sites are up-to-date.

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January 28, 2015 in Web Design News, Wordpress News

Thank You WordPress Plugin Authors

Today, 28th January, is officially “Thank a Plugin Developer” day. To celebrate take a look at the plugins you use and love, visit the author’s site and drop them a note thanking them.

The average WordPress website has 5 plugins installed, the WordPress plugin directory has over 4000 plugins, these plugins take developers valuable time and craft and maintain. Many plugins are free and it’s to these plugin developers that WordPress has a truly amazing super-power; extendability.

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WordPress Auto Tweeting Video

Save time and make your publishing and sharing automatic by auto Tweeting your WordPress posts, this video from Kacey Traeger introduces this process in 4 easy steps, utilising the Crowd Favourite plugin:


February 18, 2014 in Web Design News, Wordpress News

WordPress Distraction Free Writing

Distraction free writing mode is a WordPress feature which I just love, I keep meaning to pledge my love. A blog post on WP Tavern by Sarah Gooding reminded me why I adore the feature so much, once clicked, the distraction free mode takes you away from the  WordPress admin interface to a zen like state of swimming with dolphins in a calm azure sea; a much better writing environment.

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WordPress Plugin – Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is my new favourite WordPress form plugin, with all the Kung Fu of Contact Forms 7 and the functionality of Cforms. Ninja forms is kick-ass and feature rich:

  • East to use form builder
  • Form preview mode
  • Help text
  • Date picker
  • Reasuable form fields
  • Simple form styles that blend to your theme
  • Entry managment
  • Anti spam filter
  • Validation
  • Lightweight
  • Shortcode and PHP implementation

Best of all Ninja Forms has a great dedicated website and support, along with a handful of great extensions.

WordPress 3.8.1 released

After six weeks and more than 9.3 million downloads of WordPress 3.8, we’re pleased to announce WordPress 3.8.1 is now available, reports the WordPress blog.

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