Shopify CRM Feature Launched

We’re pleased to announce the general availability of the new CRM feature. We’ve had it in beta for some shops, and we’re eager to get it out to everyone!

This feature allows you to manage your customers easily by allowing you to create customer groups, tag your customers, view customer purchasing history, and more. You’ll find a number of useful customer groups already in your shop to get you started, and creating your own is super easy. Original Post

February 12, 2010 in Web Design News, Shopify News

Shopify Rocks : Foo Fighters Shop

shopify-designIt’s official, Shopify rocks! if you’ve used it you already know that, but now its official as the new Foo Fighters shop is built on Shopify, the shop is a typical Shopify design easy to use, minimal layout and a user friendly checkout system. Check it out.

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New Shopify Theme Design: Onyx

shopify-theme-design-onyxShopify have released a new theme design called Onyx, its dark and minimal, there’s about 20 default themes in all now and as a starting point in Ecommerce with little budget use a default theme and add your branded header, get some orders flowing and look at your stats and then move to a tailored design.

December 11, 2009 in Web Design News, Shopify News

Shopify Integrated Google Products

shopify-designShopify now integrates with Google Product Search (formerly Google Base). Using this free service is a great way to increase product promotion and discovery. Check your admin pages marketing tab and opt in by clicking the check box next to Google Product Search.