June 9, 2015 in Misc

How companies attract customers to their website using aesthetics

Choosing to set up a website should be the first step towards creating a strong web presence that is invaluable to any company operating within the 21st Century global business market. It is the perfect way to branch out to billions of people worldwide who have access to the internet, but as they join a plethora of commercial and e-commerce business rivals in having their own website, there is vast competition for market supremacy and consumer interest. It is therefore imperative for companies to ensure every aspect of their website is not of the highest quality and resembles their professionalism, but also make its aesthetic detail stand out in order to make a long-lasting impression with prospective customers who view the site. There are a number of ways in which a company, whether they choose to design their website themselves or hire the services of specialist providers, can make their site visually appealing and have the impact required to meet projected sales targets.

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May 22, 2015 in Misc

Why Apps Make More Sense Than Web Pages


Within the technology industries smartphones are the new sliced bread. Whilst up until the introduction of the first smartphones, one would only be able to use computers and the internet if they were in front of their own PC, laptop or workstation. Today though, the endlessly enormous and ever-growing digital world is constantly available, all thanks to a 0.7mm thick, 4 inch device that dwells in the majority of people’s pockets.

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10 Best Web Design Podcasts 2013

It’s time to share my full Podcast Library for 2013, covering 10 of the best Web Design podcasts and then moving into General design, Business, Tech, Marketing and some miscellaneous podcasts worthy of your ears.

Podcasts are great for keeping up-to-date with Web Design news, expert opinions, general trends and process.

These web design podcasts have all been updated regularly through 2013, and offer a high level of quality and great hosts:

Web Design Podcasts

  1. Boagworld – One of the longest running web design podcasts, the quality is high and content is up to date and relevant, Paul & Markus host with a typical english self deprecating, laid back, Jeremy Clarkson-esque approach.
  2. Shoptalk – Chris and Dave are entertaining, silly, and very knowledgeable, it’s the web design podcast with comedy timing sound effects and one I look forward too every week.
  3. Web ahead – Jen Simmons is friendly and informative, often let’s other experts take the reins. Web ahead truly out-shone other podcasts with informative Mobile Web coverage.
  4. Unfinished Business – Andy Clarke bangs on a bit (no offence Andy), but the show is getting better with every listen. Refreshingly – Andy speaks from his heart and shares his own vast web company knowledge concentrating on the business side of web design.
  5. Pagebreak – Niki & Liz are truly likeable hosts, that discussing blog posts of interest. High quality content that is informative and relevant.
  6. The Non Breaking Space – Interviews of the best and brightest of the web, high quality, informative and thorough.
  7. The Big Web Show – Jeffrey Zeldman , say no more.
  8. UIE Brain Sparks – Jared Spool and Co present interviews and discussions based around UX, great guests, high quality, I enjoy each one.
  9. CSS Tricks Screencasts – Every time I wonder about a technology and think about doing a screencast, Chris has it covered.
  10. Design Critique – Products For People – Tim hosts with the precision and delivery of a military sniper, great quality, with varied topics based around UX.

General Design

  • 99% Invisible – The best produced podcast, bar none. Covers Architecture and General design, my favourite podcast if I can’t sleep. Thought provoking.
  • Design Matters – Debbie does a great job interviewing designers, artists, creatives, professional polish and inspirational.


  • TED Business – Inspirational, thought provoking, TED.
  • Peter Days World Of Business – Peters is like an old friend. BBC quality.
  • Seth Godin’s Startup School – Seth Godin, spills everything in a classroom.


  • Wired – Highly informative, excellent quality.
  • TWIT – Another old tech friend, Leo, and co, discuss tech with unparalleled insider experience.
  • PRI The World – Marko hosts the “Stories that matter”, and it’s true; high quality, highly informative.
  • BBC Click – Great tech coverage, BBC quality, hosted by Gareth with a professional polish, and Bill chimes in with expert opinion. Warm and English.


  • Six Pixels Of Separation – Mitch Joel on marketing, thought provoking, this podcast matters.
  • Internet Marketing – Intuitive Websites – Great coverage of web marketing, dig into the archives as they cover web conversion and lead generation better than anyone.
  • Internet Marketing – Sitevisability – Kelvin delivers news, techniques and a real insider into the world of Internet Marketing, high quality and informative.
  • Social Media Marketing – Social Media Examiner – Michael presents with enthusiasm and shares his vast knowledge. High production value, highly relevant content, precisely delivered.
  • Top Marketing Strategies – Mike and Troy have been there and done that, two experts, short form delivery, high quality.
  • SEW Weekly – Search and Social marketing delightfully packaged and delivered by Thom and co.
  • I Love Marketing – This show is new to me but Dean and Joe have delivered so far with great quality content and insider marketing techniques.


  • Friday Night Comedy – BBC – political and funny
  • Moral Maze – BBC – Thought provoking and thorough
  • Stuff You Should Know – Great hosts that help me look smart at parties
  • Guardian Football Weekly – A hit of Premier League football roundup.
  • The Football Ramble – great hosts, deliver a funny roundup of football.
  • British History Podcast – Informative and entertaining
  • A State Of Trance – I find Trance a good sound track to program too.

February 13, 2011 in Misc

Dear Web Designer

Everything’s coming along great,

But, I would, however, like the whole thing to look more “drawn” and less pristine.

I like to have rough edges and imperfections. I loath things that look too “computerised”. I’m no fan of the silly animated hula hoops and juggling balls. The disco ball is ok, but I would like it to look less computery. More REAL.

We would like to keep everything, but just rough it up a bit. Make the images bigger.

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August 22, 2010 in Copywriting For The Web, Misc

July 31, 2010 in Copywriting For The Web, Misc

Copywriting for the Web: Do I Need a Blog?

It’s simple really: if a monkey needs a banana then a business needs a blog. Blogging isn’t the future, it’s the now.

Long gone are the days of introverted teenagers tapping out their every thought into the box of lights in front of them. Man evolved, the world evolved, now blogging has evolved. Read More