Web Designer Tip: Business Cards

When it comes to business cards, don’t be shy. Go all John Rambo and fire them off at as many people as possible. Business cards are, of course, a great way of summing up your company, what it stands for and how it helps customers. Sit back and entertain a few tips as to how web designers can make the most of their business cards.

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Web Designer Tip: Saving Money with UK Tax Reliefs

If you’re based in the UK and self-employed you can save money by getting tax relief for your business expenses. If you pay for a service for business and private use (like your phone bill), the bill can be split so you get tax relief for the part that’s just for your business.

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Web Designer Tip: Outsource Work

HomerSimpson60As a freelance web designer you’ll do well to have certain specialities in your sector. As such, it’s best to be great at a handful of skills, rather than spread yourself thinner than a squashed jellybean. So don’t be the jack of all trades, be the jack of a specific trade and outsource work. Read More

Web Designer Tip: Research in the Real World

homer-researchingFreelance Web Designers sometimes don’t get out much, I admit just last year my typical research technique was to check out the competitors websites and study the sector from the online comforts of Wikipedia. You should still use websites for research but why not include a further myriad of offline bricks and mortar resources in the real world.

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Web Designer Tip: Offer a Email Marketing Service

homer-stampFreelance designers often know HTML / CSS inside out, along with graphical editing, so it makes sense to monetize that skill set as much as possible. You can add another string to your bow by offering a email marketing service, there’s some differences Read More

Web Designer Tip: Your Personality is Your Selling Point

freelance-designer-tip-simpsons-barney-personalityA client hiring a freelance designer wants to see your work, check your prices, then access your personality and ask “can I work with him?”. Personality is a selling point that you should express, not the collecting magazines under your bed part, but the nice; funny, polite and interesting parts.