Blog Design

Great Blog design is the balance between your brand, with it’s brand message, your customers, with their wants, needs and desires, along with an accessible and intuitive interface that looks great, loads quickly, and supports your goals. That’s why my blog design marks a subtle blend of standout looks, usability and online marketing wisdom.

Custom Blog Design

Custom blog design means a ‘one-off’ custom brand – a unique look and feel that’s designed around your brand and content. Blog branding should encompass your language, writing style, logo design, blog navigation, blog comments and content subscription style.

Mobile Optimised Blog Design

Modern websites are built with a Responsive Web Design methodology, this means that your blog will look great on your iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and your Laptop and Desktop PC.

WordPress Blog Design

WordPress is a flexible publishing platform that allows us to design a blog to look like anything we dream up. WordPress is the ultimate tool for bloggers, magazines and content heavy websites.

WordPress Blog Features

WordPress allows you to categorise, tag and organise your blog posts, pages and media. Visit the WordPress Blog Features Page for a good overview. Your WordPress blog is ultimatley extendable via WordPress plugins.

WordPress Theme Design

A WordPress theme is a set of template pages programmed in PHP for functionality, XHTML / CSS and images for presentation, all zipped up into a folder that make up your WordPress Theme. As a WordPress web designer, I have the experience you need when it comes to building a custom WordPress Theme.

Blog Design Planning

Blog design which stands the test of time requires careful planning and a good web marketing strategy. From this base, we’ll set about custom designing your blog to the reader, while keeping things engaging and eye-catching. And while we’re at it, let’s design a strong brand that will anchor in the mind of your users. Whether it’s chic minimalism or shiny web 2.0 design, custom blog design is the only way to achieve a must-read blog.

Design Portfolio

You can find a collection of recent design works in my web design portfolio

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