Blog Design Package £980

I’ve taken all my years of blog design know-how and bundled it together to create the most comprehensive Blog Design Package at a great price.

I’ve listened to my customers and have included all the features you typically need for a professional blog.


Powered by WordPress with love and attention for your writing.

Package Features

  • Powered by WordPress
  • Add/edit unlimited articles
  • Powerful categorization system
  • Add any media; like photos, video, sound, .pdf’s
  • Ultimately extendable via WordPress plugins, just plug-in extra functionality
  • Your company branding
  • Supporting imagery
  • Works in all major web browsers
  • Optimised for iPhones, iPads and Androids
  • Social media integration
  • Professionally designed HTML / CSS template
  • Professional typesetting
  • High performance
  • Contact page with your preferred contact method and details
  • Consultation and guidance with a professional web designer
  • Training and support

Mobile Optimised

Modern websites are built with a Responsive Web Design methodology, this means that your blog design look’s great on your iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and your Laptop and Desktop PC.

WordPress Powered

The Blog Design Package is based on using WordPress as the publishing platform; WordPress allows us to design a blog to look like anything we dream up. WordPress is the ultimate tool for bloggers, magazines and content heavy websites.

Unique Blog Design

The Blog Design Package will provide you with a ‘one-off’ custom blog – a unique look and feel that’s designed around your brand and content. Blog branding should be attractive to your audience and encompass your voice.

Designer looks

Whether it’s chic minimalism or modern flat design aesthetic, a custom blog design is the only way to achieve a must-read blog.

Make Contact

Please make contact if you want to order the Blog Design Package, have questions about how it works, or want to chat.

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