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July 14,2016 table minutes

The September 14, 2016 achieving with the Respectable Clay courts Region Panel was referred to as to get at 6:00 g.michael. by Police Andrew Myers.

The Pledge for the banner was guided by Sheriff Myers.

The blessing was guided by Brad Harris.

The throw was referred to as: Found: Paul Spitzner, Kaira Harris Janice Streams, Jeremy Wildbur, Steve Weidner, Joe Rinehart,John Bayler, Jesse Smith, Scott Rinehart, Mary McCollough, Sue Pettit.

Absent: Ted Whitehead, Person Goodman, and Bryan Knapp.

Vice Ceo Chelsea Rinehart known company where there was one schedule adjust: Mother board Fellow member Mike Rinehart will deal with the panel following Claims Board.

Movements by Sue Pettit, seconded by John Weidner, to approve the schedule simply because it is phonesheriff crack easter an acronym. Movements Moved. Voice Actions.

Movements by Janice Brooks, seconded by Ruben Bayler, to agree to the County Panel moments of August 9 and 18, 2016. Motion Taken, Voice Activity.

Boasts Board Chairman Prosecute Pettit described how the Claims Committee match Come july 1st 6, 2016 to evaluate closed session units of which 03 10,2016, August 9,2016 and 06 18,2016 were popped. Furthermore, Pettit described Member of staff Time Linens were evaluated, as well.

Motion by Sue Pettit, seconded by Dork Smith, to accept the act of the Statements Committee. Movement Taken. 10 Of course

1 NO (Mike Rinehart)

Claims Board Participant Janice Streams requested assistance and reflection on placing funding limitations on county funded retirement life celebrations, funeral service blossoms, wedding and little one gift ideas, and so on. The matter was described the Executive Finance Panel.

Table Fellow member Robert Rinehart then go through a shorter record on the board: Addressed to Ted Whitehead, Ceo of Clay surfaces State Board, Come early july 14, 2016.

Mister. Chairman: On account of particular difficulties. I hereby tender my resignation as Chairman of the Executive Financial Board from the Clay-based Local Panel. I do need to continue on providing the inhabitants of Clay courts County as associated with this important panel. My resignation works well around this particular date. Closed: Robert Rinehart, Clay courts District Mother board Member, Center L.

Vice Chairman Frank Rinehart will meet with Ted to discuss exchanging Robert Rinehart as Chairman of the Management Fund Panel.

Activity by File a suit Pettit, seconded by John Bayler, to say yes to the District Maid of honorOr Recorder’s Semi- Total annual Document, as shown. Movement Taken, Speech Motion.

CR Johnson, Water and soil Resource efficiency Area, offered his Somewhat- Annual Document. The mother board accredited his record as sent in, by voice activity.

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Jennifer Brown, 911 Manager, shown the 911 Record in composed kind.

Eric Snedeker and Ray Diel, Snedeker Risk Operations, supplied an ICRMT Insurance plan update for Home Casualty and Workmans Compensation. Snedeker offered the “2016 Class Schedule” and a Statements and Decline Control Service Summary”.

Shaun Workman, Clay District Health Division, furnished the Panel of Overall health Bulletins in composed type.

Police Andrew Myers presented his 06 Activity Survey in created form.

Additionally, Myers claimed he previously be reached from the Legion Cyclists requesting approval to enhance the Veteran’s Funeral service, a POW-MIA Funeral service Lounge chair.

Motion by Paul Rinehart, seconded by Steve Weidner, to allow authorization for the addition to the Veteran’s Funeral about the Court argument. Activity Taken. Voice Motion.

Treasurer Jana Tolliver presented her Fiscal Reports in created type. Also, Tolliver claimed that Property Income tax Expenses happen to be sent out with variety schedules seeking July 21 and November 21. Fees are offered also as criminal record over the internet.

District Engineer Robert Quandt introduced the knowledge pertaining to rank design professionals according to certification for Step I and II to the fill replacing undertaking on Sailor man Arises Route (H.They would.3).

Board Associate Robert Rinehart stated he previously an issue with position electrical engineer consultants based on tastes, contemplating it isn’t often a good point, and asking validity.

Quandt informed board customers that belongs to the method required by the point out.

Activity by File a suit Pettit, seconded by Jeremy Wildbur, to just accept the State Engineer’s and Path and Connection Committee’s ranks in the design consultants with the Phase I and Two design solutions for that connection substitute task on Sailor Rises Street (H.They would.3) in the Very little Wabash Stream, likely District Electrical engineer to negotiate while using desired advisor to secure a good and fair settlement for that technological innovation providers. The ranks are the following:

  1. Rhutasel and Contacts, Corporation from Centralia, Celui-ci.
  2. Hampton, Lenzini and Renwick, Corporation. from Springfield, Illinois.
  3. Hurst- Rosche, Incorporated. from Hillsboro, Illinois.

Activity Maintained. Tone of voice Activity 10 Indeed, 1 No (Mirielle. Rinehart)

Movement by Dave Brown, seconded by Jeremy Wildbur, to agree to Fill Aid Petitionin the Township of Larkensburg, Clay surfaces Local, Celui-ci. Activity Maintained. Voice Steps.

Movements by Janice Streams, seconded by Margaret McCollough to agree to Connection Assist Petitionin the Township of Scriptures Grove, Clay-based Local, Celui-ci. Motion Taken. Tone of voice Action

Action by Jeremy Wildbur, seconded by Scott Spitzner, to agree Fill Assist Petitionin the Township of Hoosier, Clay surfaces District, The state of illinois. Movements Moved. Words Motion.

Movement by Sue Pettit, seconded by Janice Brooks to go to sealed session for an additional function: (8) Litigation, when an action from, impacting on or on the part of your open public entire body may be submitted which is approaching prior to a court or admin tribunal, or if your public body sees that an action is probable or certain, with the cause for such obtaining getting: (5 ILCS 120/2 (chemical) Time:6:35 g.l. Motion Maintained. Style Motion.

Motion by File a suit Pettit, seconded by Brad Harris, to revisit open up treatment. Time 6:40 delaware.meters. Motion Moved. Style Motion.

No activity was used upon come back to open session.

Henry Quandt shown the Engineer’s Statement in published type.

Amanda-m Goostree, CCH Chief executive offered the Hospital Report in prepared variety.

Goostree then asked Generate. Doolittle to discuss a sudden Proper care indisputable fact that Integrates (Doolittle) and CCH have been dealing with. Doolittle explained his business is trying to purchase house to construct an Urgent Proper care Hospital in Clay courts District. The power would work cooperatively with CCH for Radiology, Clinical, and Physical Therapy services.

Goostree searched for advice from your Region Board to go into contract conversation- rental Rehabilitation, Laboratory and Radiology space with Doolittle.

Also reviewed was an enlargement on the CCH Center that would allow for enhanced Oncology and Drugstore Products and services. Goosetree wondered what ways to consider subsequent, having prospective deals to the Infirmary Committee and after that board on the table? Timeliness is vital. It turned out encouraged that Infirmary Panel achieving is aware be delivered to all mother board members during these discussion posts, supplying and details Opportunity for all those. Talk turned to doable Clinic Enlargement, with Goostree yet again asking for suggestions.

Movement by Jeremy Wildbur, seconded by Kaira Harris, to visit received for offers for that Medical center Expansion, about $1,000,000 challenge. Action Transported. Tone of voice Motion

Movements by John Bayler, seconded by Janice Brooks, to approve the next health care professionals. Activity Transported. Speech Actions

Teerath Tanpitukponge, MD Politeness Radiology

Phil Barina, Maryland Pleasantness Radiology

Bieber Brooks, M . d . Showing courtesy Radiology

Subhashish Agarwal, M . d . Courtesy Radiology

Gaurav Nigam, Maryland Provisional Hospitalist

Donald McNichols Pleasantness Urology

Miguel Alcordo Good manners Specialist/ Immunologist

Matthew Donaldson, Baltimore Courtesy Radiology

Activity by Sue Pettit, seconded by Jeremy Wildbur to accept a charge card viewer for the Cisne Medical clinic. Motion Taken. Style Activity.

Action by Janice Brooks, seconded by Sawzag Smith to agree doing away with Amy Simpson with the Out of the way Down payment Capture. Activity Moved. Tone of voice Activity.

Movement by David Bayler, seconded by Lady Velupe, to agree the buying of a Stryker Laparoscopic Camera for $92,583.47. Activity Taken.

Action by File suit Pettit, seconded by Janice Brooks, to approve the buying of an Cell Fluoroscopy H-Equip from Electromek for $55,000.00. Movements Maintained.

Action by John Bayler, seconded by Robert Spitzner to agree the roof covering put money repairs to your Kumar Building to Jewett Roofing Contractor for Buck39,100.00. Movement Maintained.

Motion by File suit Pettit, seconded by Kaira Harris, to say yes to the issuance of your Economic Attestation letter to the CCH Satellite television Clinic. Motion Moved. Speech Actions.

Middle of Medicare insurance and Medicaid Services

In re also: Clay courts Local Medical center Cisne Medical center

Expensive There or Madam:

For the path of the Clay surfaces Region Hospital managment workers, and for every a offer application manufactured by Clay-based Local Healthcare facility for getting qualification its Cisne Clinic, please come across encased this assertion regarding the fiscal culpability on the Region regarding Clay surfaces District Infirmary.

Clay Local Medical center can be an organization under the auspices in the County of Clay, State of Illinois, and a governmental organization. The Local of Clay surfaces may be the in financial terms sensible business.

This notice may be accepted for being delivered in a appropriately convened and performed getting together with in the Clay surfaces Local Aboard on the 14 th day’s July, 2016.

sPer Joe Rinehart

Bob Rinehart, Vice- Chairman

Mother board of Clay surfaces District, The state of illinois

sAnd Brenda Britton

Brenda Britton, Clay surfaces County Maid of honor

Movement by Lady Johnson, seconded by Jeremy Wildbur, to agree Several weeks Musgrave as Submission Official, changing Jamie Veach, and also, agree as charge card case. Motion Maintained. Tone of voice Actions

Vice Chairman Rinehart offered the ROE Number12 Document of Recognized Functions, on file within the County Clerk’s Place of work.

Activity by Mike Rinehart, seconded by Kaira Harris, to ratify the Vice Chairman’s visit of Bob Lewis towards the 911 Panel. Activity Transported. Style Actions

Board Associate Sue Pettit question that Local Maid of honor Brenda Britton mail out requests for FYbudgets from Department. Brains, in addition to, General public Safe practices Resources request, environment July 15, 2016 as give back date.

Action by Jeremy Wildbur, seconded by Margaret McCollough, to adjourn. Time: 7:25 r.l. Movements transported, tone of voice actions.

Mister. Ceo and Men from the State Panel:

Your Board on Compensated Boasts would plead with go away to record they have looked at all statements shown to them, and propose the settlement with the following, knowning that the Worker be directed to situation orders on the State Treasurer on the Clients for your numerous sums authorized, the following, to laughs:


2 AMEREN CIPS JAIL, HWY, PROB, CH-Resources 539.99

3 ARNOLD, ASHLEY Of A – Traveling 59.58

4 AYERS, JAMIE Prison- Cellphone, SHERIFF- Extra time 372.88

5 BALLARD, Amazingly Routine CLK- MISC 57.85

6 BARBEE, DARREN Prison- In the long run 445.50

7 BG Providers Political election- Daily 14.24

8 BRITTON, BRENDA CO CLK- MISC, COUNTY Aboard Materials 107.59

9 BYRD, Ashley JAIL –PHONE, Police- Extra time 110.08

10 CARTRIGHT, ADAM SHERIFF Extra time, Offender- Telephone 230.74

11 CELLULARONE ESDA- Cell phone 41.19

12 CIT CH Information- DEBT Retirement living 87.88

13 CITY OF Vegetation ESDA- Book 550.00

14 CLAY Region Recommend Click ELECTION- Book 45.00

15 Clay-based Region Well being DEP Imprisonment- Professional medical Materials 139.12

16 Clay courts Region Healthcare facility PROB- Inadvertent EXPENS 8.75

17 Clay-based District REPUBLICAN COURTS- MISC EXPENS FOR IDIGENTS, CIR CLK- Products 374.15



19 Certified nursing assistant Certainty Corp CLK- SUPPLIES 30.00

20 Connection Twisting Prison- Cell phone 498.55

21 COMPASS WEB Legal courts- Products, Vehicle repairs TO Company BLD, PROB- Unforseen 499.99

22 COUNTY Aboard Users Region Aboard-Cost 2518.45

23 COURSON, KENDRA Penitentiary- OVERTIME 526.50

24 DAVE’S AUTO TECH Police- Vehicle MAINT 455.25

25 DAWKINS Automobile Gross sales SHERIFF- Automotive MAINT 100.00

26 DICKEY, NYAL Critique Comes- Pays/Price 54.45

27 EASTIN, KINDAL Of A – Take a trip 97.65

28 EFFINGHAM TELCOM Prison- Cellphone 103.00


30 FAYETTE State Corp Discuss Decide Pouches 309.66

31 Tag FELDHAKE Offender- PHONE, Police- OVERTIME 508.36

32 Group ONE LLC PROBATION- Traveling 185.60

33 Bacteria BATTERY & ALTERNATOR Offender- Products 40.00

34 Flowers Printer PROBATION- Unforseen EXPENS 71.80

35 FOWLER, NHU-LANG Surfaces- Materials 160.00

36 Joe & Vibrant FUN House CORONER- OFFICE Furnish EXPENS 100.00

37 GFI DIGITAL CH Document- Credit card debt RETIRMENT 33.46

38 GREENWOOD, Dab Police-Inadvertent EXPEN 54.42

39 GREENWOOD, TOM Court Protection-BAILIFF 350.40

40 Major, WILLIAM Court- BAILIFF, JAIL- In the long run 1212.00

41 GROVES, TONY Offender- At an increased rate 666.90

42 HASTINGS, Interface Critique ROLLS- PaysAndCosts 58.90


44 HEUERMAN, CORY JAIL-Cellphone, SHERIFF- OT 155.92

45 HICKOX, David L Lawyer FEES FOR INDIGENTS 225.00

46 HOMEFIELD Strength Penitentiary, CH, PROB, HWY- Ammenities 976.03

47 HWY 50 Maintenance tasks ESDA- Automobile MAINT 40.00

48 IACCR Sector 1 CO CLK- MISC 20.00

49 IDPH Charges OF REGISTAR OF VITAL Files 97.00

50 ISA SHERIFF- Minor EXPENS 300.00

51 The state of illinois SHERIFF’S ASSOC SHERIFF- Unforseen EXPENS 40.00

52 Celui-ci Point out Club ASSOC Legal courts- Repaymants & Dues 331.00

53 Celui-ci Condition Fireplace MARSHAL CH- Adjustable rate mortgage MAINT 150.00

54 JEWELL Subconscious Providers, LLC ST ATTY- Teaching AND SEMINARS 475.00

55 KESSLER, HUGH Critique Moves- WagesVersusCharges 58.90

56 LAMB, EDDIE REVIEW Progresses- EarningsOrExpenditures 60.68

57 Appropriate Web directories Legal courts- Fees & Dues 73.56


59 LEONARD, AARON Okay Attorney at law Expenses FOR INDIGENTS 445.00

60 LEWIS, ELAM JAIL- Mobile phone, SHERIFF- OVERTIME 356.20


62 Betty&#8217S CLEANING Program HWY- UTILITIES 65.00


64 MEAGHER Indicator & Artwork IMPROV TO Company BLD, SHERIFF- Automotive MAINT 610.00

65 MENARDS REPAIRS TO Denver BLD, Penitentiary Resources 531.24

66 Funeral service Side of the road Blooms Local BRD EXPENS 50.00

67 MIKE’S Food Store DIET & Look After PRISONERS 2410.80

68 Cooper Equipment For Your Office Of A- Pc TAX Providers, PROB- Accidental EXPENS 301.45

69 Callier, WES CORONER- Vacation 44.50

70 MILNER, CHAD Offender-Telephone 40.00

71 MURBARGER, DALE SuffererVersus See- COOR-SALARY 4056.25

72 MUNICIPLE Tools Penitentiary, CH, HWY, PROB-Ammenities 1369.49

73 MURPHY CONSTRUCTION Offender- Open public GROUNDS Advancement.56

74 MYERS, ANDY Prison- Telephone, SHERIFF- MAINT TO Furnish 300.47

75 MYRON CH Files- Resources 307.85

76 OWEN’S Auto Police- Automobile MAINT 448.00

77 Gleam PHILLIPS Offender-Mobile phone, SHERIFF- Extra time, Inadvertent EXPENS, BAILIFFS 260.48

78 POWLESS, Franny L.H. Process of law- ATTY Costs FOR INDIGENTS 1354.98

79 PRYOR, Jade massage beds M ST. ATTY- Records Charges 24.50


81 QUILL Denver colorado CLK-SUPPLIES, ESDA- MISC 242.41

82 The boy wonder SCHWARTZ MISC & CONTINGENCIES 50.00

83 RICOH Police- Products 125.00

84 RKDIXON CH Data- Financial debt Retirement living 131.28

85 SAV MOR Local drugstore JAIL- MEDICAL Providers 106.38

86 Admin OF Condition Process of law- SUPPLIES 2.00

87 Southern region Core FS Police- AUTO MAINT 2897.10

88 SPITZNER, STEVEN Imprisonment PHONE 40.00

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89 STURM, John JAIL- As time pass 1062.18

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91 The World Wide Web Coffee shop SHERIFF- Accidental EXPENS 2197.55

92 THOMPSON, LYNDI THEASURER- Paperwork Retain the services of OVERTIME 70.00


94 THOMSON REUTERS TREASURER- MISC, Corp CLK- Products, Legal courts- Fees 869.91

95 TOWNSHIP Administrators OF Illinois Denver CLK- Items 24.00

96 Verizon wireless Prison- Cellphone 342.15

97 WALMART JAIL- Diet plan & Treatment, Resources, Health care Solutions 1077.82


98 WEIDNER, KRISTA PROB- Take a trip 76.24

99 WEX PROB- Vacation 106.50

100 WRIGHT’S Household furniture Maintenance TO Denver colorado BLDING 284.00

101 WTCI CH, JAIL, HWY-Telephones 1662.26

102 YOUNG’S Hole Halt Police- Automobile MAINT 78.00

103 ZINK’S BUILDING Middle PROB- Inadvertent EXPEN, Prison- Products 78.92

Overall Compensated CLAIMS Dollar69,673.28

1 Work Vehicle Police- Vehicle MAINT 5.00

2 BRISCOE’S Excessive Income Changes TO Denver. Penitentiary 83.99

3 Interaction Turning Provide for JAIL- Mobile phone 498.55

4 COMPASS World-wide-web CH- EQUIPMENT MAINT 400.00

5 DBS Removal HWY, Penitentiary, COURTHOUSE- UTITLITIES 120.00

6 EFFINGHAM TELCOM Options Prison- Mobile phone 103.00

7 HARR’S Expert Equipment CH- Supply MAINT 10.98

8 HEAVENS Air Mineral water CH- SUPPLIES 66.00

9 INDOFF TREASURER, Declares ATTY, S OF A, Selection, JAIL 878.99

Items, JAIL- Invest in Devices


10 KIEFER Landscaping design 275.00

11 LEXIS NEXIS Suggests Lawyer- Expenses, Subscribers 250.00

12 LOUISVILLE AUTO Pieces CH & Imprisonment- Resources 43.03

13 MIKE’S CUSTOME Food catering Police- Unforseen EXPENS 500.00

14 MIKE’S FOOD MARKET Imprisonment- Diet plan & Good Inmates 2086.66

15 PERRY’S SMALL Motor Court house- MAINT Provide 74.52

16 SAV Els PHARMACY Offender- Professional medical Solutions 337.11

17 SHORTY’S Electric powered Services Penitentiary- Materials 112.50

18 The Internet Coffee shop 59.95


20 YOUNG’S Hole Quit SHERIFF- Automotive MAINT 30.00

21 ZINK’S Developing Source Enhancements TO Corp Penitentiary 115.80

TOTAL UNPAIDS- Buck6140.08

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