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How to Write an Interview Essay

How to Write an Interview Essay

Written below is guide from essaybasics.com blog

An interview essay makes use of people instead of books that mean to say that people will be asked the questions that the writer formulates in this type and style of writing. As a beginner writer of an interview essay, it is important that meaningful topics and queries must be included in activities that the writer himself would love to try. According to materials from writemyperfectessay.com, the essay must consist of the three paragraph rule, the introduction, body and the conclusion which must all be deciphered and expressly written in a clear and concise language that could be understood by everyone.

The subject matter of this kind of essay is ordinary people from all walks of life concerning a particular subject or idea that the writer would love to focus on. The interview questions must be formulated in such a manner that a layman would understand the thoughts and goal of the author of the paper. The body of the essay may also consist of additional literature research sources to support in building up the topic of the interview essay. In all cases, there must be accuracy, consistency, and fairness in all the questions and topic combined. Lastly, the conclusion must arrive at a powerful statement that provides positive impact to the readers.

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