May 30, 2015 in Blog Design Inspiration

Blog Design Inspiration – Greg Wilson


This weeks blog design inspiration from Greg Wilson. A blog written by  a DJ who lives in Merseyside and performs at festivals across the UK.  On his site he talks about the music he hears, the places he sees and the people he meets.

The look of the design is minimalistic in approach, the off-black Georgia font really makes the text easy to read set against the white background.  Links are presented throughout the site in Strawberry red which brings them neatly off the page.

Navigation itself follows the same minimalism – together they guide the visitor sensibly through the content of the blog.  Design-wise the Greg Wilson website presents the visitor with a two-column layout with well structured content in the left of page flow and an accompanying sidebar to the right.  The sidebar itself is divided nearly by a dashed off-black vertical line running the length of the blog.  Content of the sidebar is clean and simple –  starting with an opening paragraph with a little about himself, festival dates, blog archives and categories – zero clutter.

greg wilson blog design inspiration

The website has a responsive design, it works well on mobile and tablet devices, the only thing I do dislike is that all content has been simply thrown onto the front page, extremely long pages on mobile are a no-no – load time is increased.

Back to the navigation again, it’s a real pity to discover that posts are no longer being categorised by the blogger as evidenced by the lack of updates within the category pages of the navigation menu – this mis-use of WordPress by the blog owner does make the navigation somewhat broken/redundant.

Despite these niggle – I do still continue to like the clean, minimalistic approach that has been taken. Content changes made by the blogger can have ill-effect on navigation as witnessed here – staying in touch with the owner of a blog and letting them know where they are going wrong is always a good idea.

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