January 28, 2015 in Web Design News, Wordpress News

Thank You WordPress Plugin Authors

Today, 28th January, is officially “Thank a Plugin Developer” day. To celebrate take a look at the plugins you use and love, visit the author’s site and drop them a note thanking them.

The average WordPress website has 5 plugins installed, the WordPress plugin directory has over 4000 plugins, these plugins take developers valuable time and craft and maintain. Many plugins are free and it’s to these plugin developers that WordPress has a truly amazing super-power; extendability.

With the spirit of Thank a Plugin Developer Day, here’s my note of thanks to my regular plugins authors, thanks so much to all of you:

  • Ninja Forms
  • All In One SEO
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Custom Post Type UI
  • jQuery UI Widgets
  • WP Fastest Cache
  • Akismet

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