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WordPress Designer News – The Power Behind Search Plugins

Sphinx Search

The WordPress Sphinx Search Plugin allows the user to utilise Sphinx Search Server power, allowing you to enable ultra-fast, feature rich search capabilities on WordPress based websites.

It is especially useful if your WordPress site has a large amount of content.

Search results are more relevant, you can search in posts, pages and comments using a flexible search syntax, allowing you to quickly sort the results by publication, relevance or even use both.

This plugin comes with sidebar widgets, allowing you to display the most recent searches, top and related search terms.

This plugin will replace the standard WordPress search functionality.

Key Features

  • Sort search results by Relevance, Freshness or in both modes
  • Related searches widget is a great SEO tool for finding related search terms
  • Top searches widget is another SEO tool which displays top search terms when no related search terms found
  • Latest searches widget is a SEO tool which is used to display latest search terms of those people are doing right now
  • Widget settings have plenty of options to control widget behavior and quality of widget content
  • Search through posts, pages and comments content
  • Search Management Tools is a set of tools for managing search terms
  • Search Statistics Tool is an analytic tool which can help you analyze search trends of your blog

Download the Sphinx Search plugin from


Scriblio enables penetrative searching and browsing of WordPress posts, pages, and custom post types.

Tags and other taxonomies are represented as clickable facets that you can use to explore your website.

The facets widget makes it easy to explore your blog using tags and other taxonomies attached to your posts.

Tag clouds are calculated based on the posts in each set of results.

Clicking a tag adjusts the search, then displays the posts matching the selected tags and then recalculates the tag cloud. (Facets can be displayed as either tag clouds or lists.)

The search editor widget displays all the selected search terms (including keyword searches, tags, and other taxonomies), then allows the user to remove terms from the search results or click any of the terms, allowing the user to search for that item only.

Scriblio also includes live search suggestions that recommend search terms based on the tags (and all public taxonomies) and post titles.

Download Scriblio from

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