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WordPress Designer News – WordPress Anti Spam Protection For Everyone

A WordPress website is a work of art when it comes to puublishing your work, for every man and his dog to see.

Whether you are a blogger, website moderator and business owner who wants to has created their own WordPress website will quickly find that spam is one of the worst things, and most time consuming in the world.

This is why you need a WordPress plugins that is designed for anti spam protection.

It seems that spam comes from every nook and cranny when you run a website.

You start to puff out your chest, if feels great that users are starting to comment on your work, then you are let down because you notice that the comments are coming from bots whose sole purpose is to cause mayhem.

If you wanted to, you could forget about the spam comments and the fake users who fill your site with spam, but you know you cannot because this will soon slow down your site to a crawl, then you will get frustrated because you will get overwhelmed by spam as you create more content.

To put your mind at ease, we have put together a list of anti spam WordPress plugins that are easy to manage and will help keep those bad bots at bay.


WangGuard is a plugin that focuses on spammers that are trying to register and become a user on your website.


It does not do anything for your comment spam, even so, this is still one of the best at keeping out unwanted visitors.

The key feature of this plugin is that it not only blocks the spammers, but it clears your database of spammers afterwards, so you do not have to worry about any speed loss to your website or having to manually remove these messages.

Download Wangguard from


WP-Ban is for those of you who want to remove repeat offenders completely from their website.

It tracks the IP addresses of bots and people who make a number of attempts to hack your website.

You can set how many attempts someone can make before they are refused access to your website.

There are a number of ways that the WP-Ban plugin monitors your inbound spam.

It checks the URL, IP Address and the host name that appears in the comments.

It also monitors all registered users that access your website.


If you would prefer to see the comments and users that have accessed your website, then you would be better to use another plugin.

WP-Ban does list all the people who are banned from your site, although it is not as transparent as others out there.

Download WP-Ban from


If you had to choose a single WordPress plugin to manage all your spam, Akismet is the one to take.

All our WordPress websites come with Akismet as standard, meaning that it is backed up by a huge amount of developers.

The way Akismet works is that it looks at all the comments that arrive at your website and checks to see if they look like spam or not.

Akismet is about as close as it gets to manual screening can get of all the comments that come in, it has it’s own database of terms, IP addresses, and comment history that it checks against to see if a particular person or bot is a spammer or not.


The best thing about Akismet is that it will tell you every single comment that has been flagged as spam.

You will be shown this clearly on your WordPress dashboard, this makes it easy to turn a comment back into a legitimate comment if the system has made a mistake.

Most people use Akismet to screen all incoming comments, instead of deleting all the comments that arrive on your website that look suspicious.

When you receive a high amount of spam, Akismet saves your disk space by deleting automatically.

Download Akismet from


Disqus focuses on fending off spam, it replaces your default comment system on your website.

Why is this better I hear you ask?

Well, since Disqus is a large community of people who network with each other and find new content to talk about through different comment logs, the company is diligent with keeping the spam to a minimum.


You have to login to the account, thus bots have trouble trying to navigate through the login section.

Dowload Disqus from


WP-reCAPTCHA is one of the most recognisable WordPress anti-spam plugins because it has been used on a massive amount of websites, Google then acquired the plugin.

The reason that WP-reCAPTCHA became so popular is that it uses Optical Character Recognition, meaning that spam bots cannot randomly predict a generated sequence of numbers or letters created by the system.

It is one of the most secure ways to protect your website and it is still seen as a revolutionary way to fight off spammer registrations.

Be warned though, there is a growing number of people that truly despise this form of protection, so it is strongly advisable not to go down this route, unless you have exhausted all other avenues.
Dowload WP-reCAPTCHA from


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