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The Dallas Mavericks possess a strong sense of social responsibility, acknowledging that a community is only as strong as its weakest link.

Established back in October 1996, the Mavs Foundation is a 501(c)(3) private charity, and although it is affiliated with the Dallas Mavericks professional basketball team, it is incorporated as a separate business entity.

Because of the high-profile nature of the sport of basketball and its athletes, the Mavs Foundation has the opportunity to assist local projects and programs in the United States to increase the impact and availability of community resources.

The Mavs Foundation supports the programs and organisations in the Metroplex which address the community’s most pressing problems involving women, children and families in need.


The Dallas Mavericks play in the NBA League, and have a multitude of impressive players, on their website, they showcase one player that stars out above the rest every week.

The main typefaces used throughout the website is called FontAwesome and Courier 10 Pitch, giving a clean and very readable experience.


The News / Blog section of the Dallas Mavericks website takes the first few paragraphs from each news piece and shows it in date order


Once you have chosen the news piece that you wish to read, you receive a well laid out two column design with the navigation menu on your left.


When viewed on a mobile device you are met with a single column layout, this gives a better user experience in my view.


And finally, the mobile navigation.


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