November 3, 2014 in WordPress Designer News

WordPress Designer News – Look Out For These Web Design Trends.

Although we have just started our journey through November, it is now time to start looking to the future.

So, let us see what we might see in 2015. As you’d expect the word “Responsive” is going to show up, along with “Flat Design” and “Background Images”.


responsiveEverything should be responsive by 2015, is there any reason not to use responsive design?

We have seen that over the last few years responsive design has been embraced wholeheartedly and is becoming the new standard for web design with WordPress giving a helping hand in the process.

More and more websites are choosing to go in this direction.

Personal UX

personalThe idea of using cookies to help you display a much more relevant fell to the content shown to the repeat visitor is by no means new.

Better design and best practices means the technique of using cookies to display certain content to repeat visitors can be used for more than spam and bad practices like up selling.

Netflix uses this to great effect, allowing it to remember what you have been watching recently.

Would it be strange for an editorial site to create a ‘recently read’ sidebar widget for quick access to articles you may have enjoyed and/or commented on?

Hiding recently viewed content in order to highlight new posts and pages?

We will probably see more uses of this technique in the months to come.

It would be better if this was also transferred over to the WordPress community via plugins too.

Ghost Buttons

ghost-buttonGhost buttons are used intensely by quite a few web designers to great effect. They’re minimal, stylish, and with the subtle hover animation they’re a delight to use.

Emphasis On Typography

Traditionally web type-kits that allow you to use visually stunning fonts and typefaces on websites are rather expensive.

Websites that rely heavily on typographic design tended to require larger budgets, thus, leaving those with smaller budgets (and more so the WordPress user) out in the cold.

This seems to be changing.

Type kits are becoming more affordable these days (or free if you use Google Fonts), meaning freedom for designers working with a smaller budget to bring their typography skills to the table.

This also allows WordPress theme designers to include more typographic flexibility in their themes, making stylish type-centric design available for anyone with a well designed WordPress theme.

Great Backgrounds and Images

parallaxAnother huge benefit which has been steadily growing in stature, large, beautiful background images and videos.

One of the simplest ways to make your website stand out from the crowd is by having great content prominently displayed.

This trend is a great way to accomplish a powerful position within your field, giving you a more elegant feel.

Scrolling Is Winning The Battle

scroll-over-clickWith the mobile web continuing to grow, web design continues to branch off in different directions, bringing you a more effective and enjoyable mobile experience, scrolling will continue to overshadow clicking.

It is much more intuitive, easier to do, shortens load times and allows for a more dynamic interaction to take place between the user and the website.

Flat Design Is Growing Up

google-designFlat design has gained a huge amount of momentum over the last few years, it seems to have staying power.

As a concept, flat design seems to be growing up.


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