September 22, 2014 in WordPress Designer News

WordPress Designer News – Give These Bootstrap Themes A Try

In 2013, Bootstrap joined the flat design element of the world, with its 3.0 release and a new optional theme.

The default box model and basic UI components have been largely improved.

Bootstrap 3.1 introduced an official Sass port, this further expanded the framework’s toolbox.

So I thought that I would delve into the realms of Bootstrap themes a little deeper, so join me on a journey, and lets take a look at a few

Arcade Basic

bootstrap-arcade-basicArcade Basic has been beautifully crafted, it uses a bold homepage design with many options built into WordPress’ customizer feature.

Click Arcade Basic to download the theme


bootstrap-blainBlain uses a minimalist approach, and a responsive slider, using a fully customisable header and footer, choose from four page layouts and a number of custom widgets for displaying your recent posts and thumbnails.

Click Blain to download the theme.


bootstrap-uniteUnite has a flat design that is suited to wedding websites, it could be used for any other type of creative websites that focuses on the images.

Click Unite to download the theme.


bootstrap-inknessInkness is a WordPress theme that has been designed for the retina display, Inkness features a grid based home page with multiple page layouts.

Click Inkness to download the theme.


Flat is really a blogging theme that is based on Bootstrap.

It has features such as an off canvas sidebar with a fully customisable blurred background.

Click Flat to download the theme.


bootstrap-vangardThe Vangard theme includes a customisable jQuery content slider, with welcome section, a widgetised footer and a homepage more suited to the blogger.

Click Vangard to download the theme.

Now that you have seen a sample of what is out there, go and explore; maybe you will find what you are looking for, if you have not found it here first.

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