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WordPress Designer News – Staffer Plugin

Did You Want To Add Staff Management To Your WordPress Website?

You can do just that with the newly approved Plugin called Staffer.

You can store staff/ employee details within a custom post type; This allows you to create and manage an easily accessible directory of your staff – This is displayed on the fronted as individual profiles within a grid style directory.

Think of the possibilities; Adding staff, board members or other important information about individuals is a must for large businesses and SME’s.

You can add pages for any staff member, these are created just like any other post. There is then a metabox added to the editor, so that you can add any details, like, BACS details, Social Media pages, Family Birthdays (If you like to keep your staff sweet).

You can add a picture of them too.


Staffer gives you a large selection of settings that allow you to customise how you want to display the directory and profiles, these include the following:

  • Optional staff grid layout
  • Set listings per page
  • Set a custom Staffer page title (default title is Staff), used as the archive page title and within breadcrumbs
  • Set a custom URL slug
  • Option to disable all Staffer CSS
  • Custom content wrappers
  • Ability to add custom CSS

The good news is, that Staffer is comparable with virtually every WordPress theme available today.

Although there are few cases where compatibility is an issue, this can usually be rectified by using custom content wrappers.

Developers can also create their own archive-staff.php and single-staff.php files, this will override Staffers built-in templates.

Staffer adds minimal styles, which helps it to integrate well with the rest of your website.

If you need of a ready made custom post type for staff management then Staffer is the plugin for you.

If you wish to try Staffer, then download the plugin from

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