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WordPress Designer News – Theme Check Plugin

If you want to check your latest theme against the latest WordPress Standards and practices, then the Theme Check plugin is one you won’t want to be without.

You can run the same automated testing tools on your theme that uses for their own theme submissions.

To run the tests, you run them by using a simple admin menu, so all the results are displayed at the same time.


This is really handy for the modern day theme developer, or anyone who has created their own theme and wants to make sure that their theme supports the latest WordPress theme standards and practices.

If you wish to download the latest version of Theme Check, then click on the link.

Enabling Trac Formatting

The Theme Review team uses this plugin when reviewing new and updated themes; once tested, they then copy/paste the output into ‘trac tickets’.

The trac system has a bespoke markup language.

If you want to enable trac formatting in Theme Check, then you will need to define a few variables in wp-config.php

TC_PRE and TC_POST are used as the ticket header and footer.

To enable trac formatting in Theme Check you need to define a couple of variables in wp-config.php: TC_PRE is used as the ticket header, whereas TC_POST is used as the ticket footer.

Here are a couple of examples:

define( 'TC_PRE', 'Theme Review:[[br]]
- Themes should be reviewed using "define(\'WP_DEBUG\', true);" in wp-config.php[[br]]
- Themes should be reviewed using the test data from the Theme Checklists (TC)
' );

define( 'TC_POST', 'Feel free to make use of the contact details below if you have any questions,
comments, or feedback:[[br]]
* Leave a comment on this ticket[[br]]
* Send an email to the Theme Review email list[[br]]
* Use the #wordpress-themes IRC channel on Freenode.' );

If either of the above variables are defined, a new trac tickbox will appear next to the Check it! button.

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