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WordPress Designer News – SP News and Scrolling Widgets

Every CMS website will need some form of news section.

SP News allows you to add, manage and display news with the SP News Widget, allowing for horizontal or vertical scrolling news.



Please make sure that the permalink is not ‘/news’.

If you leave your permalink as ‘/news’ all of your news will finish up on the archive page.

You can rename your ‘/news’ to ‘/latestnews’ to get around this problem.

Now you will be able to display your news posts with the help of short code [sp_news]

You can also display the news post with a category, e.g [sp_news category=category_id].

You could even display the news post with Multiple categories

Sports news
[sp_news category=category_id]

Arts news
[sp_news category=category_id]

Users that are using version 2.1, please paste the shortcode in to your News page [sp_news].

If your Permalink is then plaese change ‘news’ to a different name otherwise all your news will go to archive page.

Using this plugin adds a custom news widget that allows for vertical and horizontal news scrolling on your WordPress site.

The plugin then adds a news tab to your admin menu, which allows you to enter news items just as you would any regular posts.

If you are experiencing any problems with the news page e.g (you are not able to see all the news items) then please modify your permalinks, for example first select ‘Default’, then save your settings, then select ‘Custom Structure’ and press save.

The plugin also adds a Recent News Items widget and vertical news scrolling widget, which can be placed on any sidebar available in your theme.

You can set the title of this list and the number of news items you wish it to show.

Features Include

  • Create a news page with any name and add the short code [sp_news]
  • Vertical and horizontal (Also added thumbnail option) news widget with the settings page
  • Easily configured
  • Integrates Smoothly into any theme
  • Choose from Yearly, Monthly or Daily archives
  • News Categories
  • News Tags
  • 3 News widgets
  • CSS and JS file for custmization

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