August 6, 2014 in Blog Design Inspiration

Blog Design Inspiration – Stuff and Nonsense

This Weeks blog design inspiration is from Andy Clarke’s Stuff and Nonsense.

Stuff and Nonsense made it’s debut in 1999, there are just 3 people, all with a passion for design, known around the world, they presently hold the position of being in the top 5 design agencies of the year according to Net Magazine in 2014.

Andy is a self confessed Ape addict and he carries on this character trait into his professional presence with a bold and colourful Planet Of The Apes illustration, a bold move that could segment out the-right-fit clients.


The main typeface is Jubilet, a slab serif with generous curves and efficient spacing, works great in large size on the headings.

A one column layout with lots of white space makes for a great reading experience.

The use of CSS animation is a really cool addition and makes this website more fun, especially for us kids.



I love the simple desktop navigation, its Minimalistic, bold and navigates the website with four options.


Interestingly, the blog topics are hidden, and slide down when you click on a drop down icon, not easy to find, but they know their audience and my guess is this blog is still frequented often by old fans like me, and we want to see the latest posts or search for a classic post, hence the blog topics are a secondary task.


The blog section is set in an accordion, showcasing a list of blog post titles only, click the accordion drop down icon to peruse the post intro text.


I really like what Stuff and Nonsense have done with their mobile nav, it’s a hamburger icon like every other but once clicked you get the same simple navigation options as the desktop site, but in a two by two column layout with the Stuff and Nonsense badge in the centre, looks great.



I like that fact that you can hide or show more or less of the Ape illustration too, as on some screens the extra scrolling of a large header image can be tiresome. All together great job on a minimal web layout with real character, keeping things simple is an art.




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