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WordPress Designer News – Akismet: July Saw 5,608,437,500 Spam Messages

In July, Akismet saw 5,608,437,500 pieces of spam appear.

If each piece of spam were a book, it would fill a Library 156 times bigger then the Library of Congress (The Biggest Library In The World).

There was a slight increase in spam over June, about 5%, although it is a 71% increase over July of last year.

That’s roughly the same yearly increase as the one that was seen last month.

The busiest day for Akismet was July 8th, which saw about 240 million pieces of spam, and our slowest day was 6 with 133 million comments. Not a big range.

Akismet missed about 0.0206% of all spam comments in July.

July 2014

Here is a graph showing how much spam and ham came through each day in July 2014.


This month saw no service interruptions.

Here are a couple of interesting articles on spam from around the world.

  • Mashable featured a story by Cristina De Middel about interesting photographs depicting the people behind spam messaging
  • Reports in Canada about violations of the new anti-spam law

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