July 7, 2014 in WordPress Designer News

WordPress Designer News – Now You Have A Choice of Language With WordPress 4.0

WordPress 4.0 will come with some big improvements, including one that allows you to set up and use WordPress in the language of your choice.

This will make it much easier to install WordPress for people whose language is not English.

Andrew Nacin published his plan to add some major internationalisation goals.

Last month at WordCamp in Seattle, Andrew Nacin said ‘WordPress 4.0 during install will allow you to choose your language’.

This improvement strikes out the first improvement on the list of major improvements planned for future releases to make WordPress more appealing to the masses.

When you install WordPress from now on you will be presented with a dropdown menu that allows you to choose the language of your choice.


When you select a language, it will be enabled instantly and become the language of choice.


Since this improvement has been implemented it should allow many more people to make the jump over to WordPress now that it has better language support.

Along with the internationalisation improvements comes better understanding of the preferred languages of people around the world.

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