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How casinos have made the transition to the online world


A lot has changed in the gambling world. New technology, legislation and the current economic climate are all turning yesterday’s casino visitors into today’s online gamblers, and it’s largely thanks to the huge range of options available today.

Free trials

One of the most obvious advantages of an online casino over a land based casino is the option to play for free. While a trip to a Las Vegas Casino assumes you have had a little practice beforehand, this could end up being costly the humble gambler, whereas those who have never played before can try a little for free online before playing with real money.

Nerves and social awkwardness can also be a nightmare for the first time gambler, all of which can be alleviated by playing online, in which the user can set his or her own terms and create a relaxing home environment in which to play.

Live dealers

While owners of land based casinos may have previously criticised online casinos for their impersonal approach, that has all changed now thanks to the implementation of live dealers. This relatively new practice involves playing against real human beings in an online environment, who are available around the clock in a variety of languages and even costumes.

The concept has been a hit with online gamblers and many online casino hosts have praised its success – Fortune Palace, for example, ran a Live Dealer of the Year 2013 competition.

Contrastingly, loyal land-based casino fans could argue that playing with a live dealer is just one step away from playing in a real casino, but the advantages are endless. Firstly, the aforementioned social awkwardness – nobody can judge you if nobody is watching you – and secondly, the availability of players. With new games being launched every few minutes, there is far less waiting time to play your favourite land based casino games.

The smart phone revolution

A dream holiday to Monte Carlo may sound ideal for some, but the advancements in online casino technology have given users access to their favourite games wherever they are thanks to their mobile friendly interfaces.

When online casinos were first launched, they were designed for computers, but with more and more people gambling on their mobiles, ‘mobile’ versions of sites were launched to incorporate smaller screens, touch screen interfaces and ‘swipe’ motions.

The rise of online gambling is fast becoming the gambling method of choice for many of today’s cash-strapped gamblers. With guaranteed security thanks to third party finance websites, the modern gambler can rest assured that he or she is in more control of his or her money and can play online without the constraints of the land-based alternatives.

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