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Looking the part: why a well-designed casino website is integral for your customers


As the world of smart phone and tablet technology continues to develop, the interest in online gambling has seen a meteoric rise. In a recent study by The Independent, it was revealed that the industry hit £2 billion last year, and as demand increases, the desire for a good quality, well designed and easily accessible website is on the rise.

The smart phone revolution

While online casinos are a relatively new industry, smart phone technology has only really come onto the radar in the last seven years, for example with the release of the first iPhone in 2007. As such, web developers have had to change their web designs to make them smart phone and tablet friendly, with many offering mobile versions of the same site designed specifically for touch screen devices. With many gamblers now choosing to place their bets while on the go, a mobile website design is a must, as sites which are difficult to navigate and don’t sit well on a smaller screen will make customers go elsewhere.

The colour of money

As with any well designed website, an eye-catching, attractive colour scheme is a must for casino websites, not only to draw the customer in but also to create a more trustworthy gambling environment. Over at Coral, for example, their vibrant colour scheme allows players to easily determine the winning number and colour on a game of roulette, with a multitude of options including a 3D game to make the game stand out and help the player to understand whether he or she is winning or losing.

Design and security

While gambling addiction is a growing concern for many UK players today, another facet of a well designed casino website is one which clearly states its licensing details and secure payment methods. Every gambling website should have a clear, bold font explaining the exact details of where the site is registered, along with easily accessible links to gambling awareness sites such as While the focus of any good online casino is to make the player have an enjoyable experience, customers are more likely to choose a well designed website with a clear focus on legislation and an acknowledgement of the welfare of its players.

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