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WordPress Distraction Free Writing

Distraction free writing mode is a WordPress feature which I just love, I keep meaning to pledge my love. A blog post on WP Tavern by Sarah Gooding reminded me why I adore the feature so much, once clicked, the distraction free mode takes you away from the  WordPress admin interface to a zen like state of swimming with dolphins in a calm azure sea; a much better writing environment.

Sarah applauds the Distraction free mode:

“when you spend every day inside the post editor, meta boxes, menus and buttons everywhere eventually start to become a dead weight attached to your creativity. The psychological toll of all the noise can trick you into thinking that communicating your thoughts is far more difficult than it really is. Subconsciously, you may start to find a sense of dread associated with publishing.

In time, I’ve come to love the Distraction Free Writing mode. It’s a place of zen inside WordPress unlike any other administration screen”

Sarah goes on to highlight 5 reasons why the Distraction free mode should be turned on, she pens a point that resonates with me; that the zen mode helps liberate her publishing, allowing a state of writing, and not categorisation.

Check out the original post on WP Tavern

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