January 20, 2014 in Web Design Critique

Web Design Critique: Chris Hoy

This weeks design critique focuses on chrishoy.com, a website for our most successful olympian.  This web design is interesting, it’s a responsive web design with a few tricks up its lycra sleeves; It looks like a Flash based website, and, it’s mobile view takes an interesting stance on navigation.



Flashy Biker

The chrishoy.com design has a minimal simplicity to the content display, allowing powerful imagery to do the talking; very en-vogue, but the website feels like it has a Flash-like interactivity with jQuery sliders galore helping to aid in the transitional and fading of page elements.

The website is highly readable with a clear information structure, a great use of heading position sets the reading architecture of the content to the reader.

Even though the website is layered with fade effects,  the web pages still have a nice flow, as you go from the homepage into the profile page and then into the gallery page you never feel lost, or feel the animation is getting in your way.




Navigation Decision
A responsive design methodology has aided the creation of a fast performing and device independent website that works great on smartphones and tablets.

The mobile view of the homepage is very interesting. On my iPhone 5, you are welcomed to the website with a large image of Chris, this is not clickable, and has no function, there are no links or buttons to press to find what you want, everything is hidden.

You have to press the menu button to continue, there’s no other way.

Intriguingly the designers have decided that your first interaction should be with the main navigation, nothing else matters. Nothing else to click on.

This forces you to click on the main navigation and importantly, learn how to navigate the website in your first viewing of the website, an interesting and just maybe, also a dangerous design decision.

But it works, and actually, I love the fact the designers took this bold decision and forced the user to learn the navigation upfront. Yellow jerseys all round.



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