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WordPress SASS Future

WordPress has made the SASS vs LESS choice a bit easier by siding with SASS as it’s pre processor of choice in the future, WP Tavern reports that nearly a year ago, Chris Wallace proposed the WordPress core adopt a CSS Preprocessor to help move admin UI CSS into the future. Including a CSS preprocessor allows developers to speed up tasks with the use of variables in stylesheets. Variables will make tasks like reskinning the WordPress admin a breeze.

They also suggest the reasoning behind the decision:

Why Sass?

Proponents of Sass cited many reasons why it would be a better fit for WordPress than other CSS preprocessors. To quickly summarise the discussion, I’ve outlined just a few of the important arguments for a CSS preprocessor in general and for Sass in particular:

  • Allows for the use of variables to calculate layout widths, generate colour schemes, font sizes, etc.
  • Reduces HTTP requests when stylesheets are combined into one
  • Easily minify generated CSS files in bundled versions of WordPress to speed up load times
  • Sass is GPL-compatible, licensed under the MIT license
  • Sass is backwards compatible with all versions of CSS
  • Sass supports more advanced logic – ability to include if/then/else and for/while/each statements

SASS in default WordPress Themes?

At this stage WordPress have made the decision to utilise SASS in the WordPress Core, but it seems inevitable that WordPress will adopt SASS in their default WordPress themes in the future.


I have been on the fence on the SASS vs LESS argument, until now. Now my core CMS has made the decision easy for me.

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