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Google Launches Web Designer Tool

Google Web DesignerGoogle has launched a new app called Web Designer. OMG, we’ve been replaced.

Google intend the tool to make online ads align better with web standards and offer higher accessibility across devices. It’s Google’s hope that this app will help developers realise their goal of “Build once, run anywhere”.

Web Designer is a WUSIWUG editor that spits out good quality HTML and CSS to aid in the creation of good quality animated ads.

How it works

Google Web Designer uses a timeline system, much like Flash or Director, thus allowing you to control each keyframe of the timeline, adding  CSS3 animations to any HTML element.

Who for

The app could be an excellent tool for anyone maintaining a website which has a strong advertising business model and a need for eye catching ads.

Google Web Designer could be a tool to help web designers add quick and easy animated illustrations to web pages, it could be a tool I’ve been looking for to create cross platform, short presentations, utilising the languages we, web designers, already know and use.

Current feature list

  • Two animation modes – Quick mode for scene by scene authoring and an advanced mode that utilises layers
  • Full 3d authoring – Manipulate content into 3d, Rotate objects (even 2d)
  • Design view and code view
  • Illustration tools – Create vectors, or import from other programs
  • Tag tool – Create HTML elements in your design by drawing them with the tag tool
  • Ad Publishing – Exports your designs as ads for major Ad systems or as generic HTML
  • It’s free – Have a play

Google Web Designer in action

Learn, Play & Download

Check out the Google Web Designer homepage for the download, full features and a decent getting started guide, also, the animations on the Google Web Designer page are created using the app, which show a nice subtle use of animation.



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