September 23, 2013 in Web Design News, WordPress Designer News

Google Logo Revamp More Inline With Flat Design Trends

There may be revamp in the air as a new Google logo is found in the latest Chrome Beta, reports Arts Technica. The logo stands naked having shed it’s bevels and shadows and has even moved to a pastel colour palette which will no doubt better contrast a minimal white background .

Google logo re-design

The new logo looks to be more in-keeping with the current Flat Design trend.

The Flat Design style made popular by Windows Metro, continues to be the way forward for high tech logo marks and interface design and has been finding it’s way into web designs for a while.

Apples recent iOS7 update completely re-hashed the iPhones legendary skew-morphic interface with it’s lifelike; bevels, textures and curves and instead opted for a Flat Design interface similar to the popular Windows Metro style. It seems Google may follow suit.

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