A List Apart

May 24, 2013 in Web Design Critique

Web Design Critique: A List Apart

This web design critique focuses on one of the web design industries leading publications, the infamous Alistapart. Their new responsive design is a pleasure to use regardless of device. The overall design is a clean and highly usable one column layout with easy reading large text.

A List Apart

Theres no traditional top main navigation on the homepage as such; but rather the content hierarchy navigates the user; with the homepage featuring the two most recent posts; exactly what 99% of their users want upon arrival. A secondary navigation in the footer holds what we’d consider main navigation.

The branding has had mixed reactions from the web community but I love the simplicity of the branding and I think the emphasis on type from such a large web design player is a beacon of direction as to where the web is heading, after all web pages are 99% text. Bold and brave ALA, I love it.

Type is mostly Georgia Pro, with bold headings set in ITC Franklin, again the Georgia choice had mixed reactions from the community, but I feel it works great in context with the bold headings.

The text and large illustrations (retina ready) allow the user to consume the content with ease. I think ALA have gone with the times and even showcased the web at it’s most accessible and naked best; an art directed text document.

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  1. The only thing that irks me is their treatment of the logo. My brain wants me to scroll up!

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