April 26, 2013 in Web Design News, WordPress Designer News

WordPress Botnet Attack

The BBC reported that WordPress has been attacked by a Botnet of tens of thousands of computers.

Botnet is short for Robot-Network; an attack from a Botnet means that a network of Internet connected programs working together to perform a task.

The task in this instance seems to be to infiltrate WordPress based websites.

WordPress powers 64 million websites, 17% of the worlds websites, so the threat level is high.

The Botnet attack targets user accounts with the username “admin”.

“If you still use ‘admin’ as a username on your blog, change it, use a strong password”, Matt Mullenweg, WordPress Founder.

Many WordPress powered websites have also had an extra security step added by web hosts; some have even denied WordPress administrator access all together.

This is the worse WordPress attack I can recall and I strongly suggest changing up your usernames and passwords and make sure your WordPress install is fully up-to-date.

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