April 29, 2013 in Web Design Critique

Web Design Critique: Brain Traffic

This web design critique focuses on Content Strategy agency Brain Traffic, and their new responsive web design. The design is clean and highly usable, the layout is simple with a well ordered content hierachy. Theres no traditional navigation as such; rather, the content itself leans towards a more linear scrolling approach, getting the user straight into the content.

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WordPress Botnet Attack

The BBC reported that WordPress has been attacked by a Botnet of tens of thousands of computers.

Botnet is short for Robot-Network; an attack from a Botnet means that a network of Internet connected programs working together to perform a task.

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Web Design Bits: Mobile Navigation Dropdown Examples

A collection of web design bits that showcase how web designers are tackling mobile navigation. On these designs the web designers have chosen to utilise drop-downs/select menus to save lots of valuable space on the mobile screen. Clicking on the select menu will tap into the phones built-in system interface functionality.

Smashing magazine mobile navigation

smashing mag mobile navigation

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