February 22, 2013 in Web Design Critique

Web Design Critique: Microsoft

This web design critique focuses on Microsoft’s new responsive web design. The design is clean and highly usable, the fonts and layout moniker the Windows 8 operating system with it’s new Metro styling; tiles of colourful content overlaying high quality photography.

The whole design is highly streamlined, almost a page full of simple links, with a “no clutter” interface. They’re must be 50% less text than before. Responsive web design does tend to make designers focus on prioritising content.

Design critique microsoft responsive web design

Design Critique Microsoft

Web design critique tablet microsoft

If you scratch below the surface (pun intended) and shrink your browser window size down to a tablet equivalent view you’ll notice that the secondary horizontal navigation (“Discovery”) moves from being a left aligned sidebar on a desktop view to a top aligned vertical navigation on for your tablet, and then back to vertical again for your mobile view, nice ha.

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  1. Full width content sliders are all the rage at the moment; it does showcase Microsoft’s varied range of products really well, and it’s responsive. Which is nice.

  2. Love the slider, infact the whole site. Very modern and fresh like our own designs.

    -Urban Squid

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