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Website Business Model: Pay With A Tweet

Do you want to hear something interesting? Of course you do. Pay with a Tweet is a fascinating website business model which utilizes micro blogging platform Twitter to spread the word and create buzz about your product.

The idea is that you create a product that Twitter-savvy users would buy. Don’t charge for the product in the traditional sense with dollars, euro, or sterling. Rather, you allow Twitter fans to purchase the product for the price of a Tweet – it’s just that simple. Fascinating, right?

Twits Love Talk & Freebies

Let’s face it, getting people to talk about your product is invaluable in the era of social media. After all, having a method that gets the customer something for 

tweet business website twitter

FREE whilst spreading the word through the Twitter-verse is a win-win situation – the Twit gets something for free and your product gets spread around like Mad Cow Disease.

Viral Effect

The Twit#1  will be spreading the word and creating buzz around your product and informing his tribe of Twitter fans as to your offer.  I would imagine some of  Twit#1’s fans would also want the freebie and so his Twit#2 will Tweet To Buy too, then Twit#3,  Twit#4 etc  –  creating a domino effect and mass viral marketing could ensue. Wow, that was a mouthful.

Type of Products

The pay with Tweet model is particularly good for high-value-low-cost products such as eBooks, White Papers, Buying Guides, mp3s – basically, it’s a best friend to  downloadable goods.

I can also see the model being used as a great viral marketing method for a service provider too. Maybe you could, for instance, offer a free service to Pay With Tweet customers, then sell the benefits of a premium version (freemium) once the prospect is on your company website.

Twitter & Facebook

Your users can decide if they want to pay with a tweet on Twitter to their fans or with a post on their Facebook wall to tell all their friends.

Pay with a Tweet

There’s a dedicated Pay With A Tweet website where you can learn more and even set up a Pay With A Tweet button. Theyve also released a video to explain their service:

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  1. Great post – love reading and learning about these niche / new ideas to me. many thanks

  2. I think the Pay With Tweet model would suit product releases – allowing minimal set up and maximium Twitsposure.

  3. WOW!

    Interesting and really fascinating.I think its a good idea.I’ll try.


  4. Might have to give this a try!

  5. This is actually a great idea! Will look into implementing this and seeing how sales improve – or how much traffic increases.

  6. That’s an interesting concept, I haven’t really looked into it before but it’s certainly something worth considering in future.

  7. Another great posts – thanks for sharing 🙂 It’s good to see all these ideas.

  8. Wow… great revolution.definately exciting.

  9. This is an absolutely brilliant idea! Everyone wants soothing for free so paying with a tweet is perfect 🙂

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  11. Great Post – Similar stuff is done on YouTube but defiantly worth giving it a try, specially if it gets your products noticed.

  12. Very helpful post man, thanks for the info.

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  14. Yeah, this is the new viral effect website business model.

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  16. Cool article. Love this.

  17. What a great Idea for my next project. I’m just designing a website for a local Hip Hop band and this may well be just what we are looking for to give them a big push kick start. Really glad I came accross this post!

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  20. no its a brilliant idea, but i just want to confirm that audience will be decided by the owner or user can tweet anyone???then may its going wrong side?but if the owner can decide the audience then it gonna rock the social media.

  21. I enjoyed this post of yours and I must say that every time I come back to your blog, I always have something new and informative to read.

  22. Great read and some interesting points. I have been reading into the power of social media more and more and twitter in particular. Currency idea…..tw££t$

  23. It’s clear that Google and other search engines are starting to play closer attention to social cues from sites like Twitter and Facebook in their ranking algorithms.

  24. Hey great one..I am thinking to use this strategy for my services and products,But what i need to do first?

  25. This is a great business mode! I would love to try this one..

  26. An interesting article, a really intriguing way that could rapidly expand your social presence, very clever.

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