February 13, 2011 in Misc

Dear Web Designer

Everything’s coming along great,

But, I would, however, like the whole thing to look more “drawn” and less pristine.

I like to have rough edges and imperfections. I loath things that look too “computerised”. I’m no fan of the silly animated hula hoops and juggling balls. The disco ball is ok, but I would like it to look less computery. More REAL.

We would like to keep everything, but just rough it up a bit. Make the images bigger.

I would like to have a new type face as well. I can’t abide that clean and corporate font that seems so popular, but by the same consolation, can’t stand the “try-too-hard” look of some websites.

That is to say, it’s silly and funny, but clean and clear, and modern, but old fashioned, and sexy but conventional.

The website HAS to embody our credo.

I want it to have a hint of Victoriana, with a dose of Avedon (Richard, that is), some mid 80’s shoulder pads (with safety pins), and some 2012 functionality.

Does that help, or hinder?

Yours, as ever

Anonymous client

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3 Responses to Dear Web Designer

  1. startersphere.co.uk

    I love this and I’m intrigued about the author sounds like a fascinating character. I would love to see the finished work if it doesn’t infringe on your clients privacy.

  2. Superb description – Sounds like a very hard to please client . You can imagine what he’s getting at but would have to be a top designer to nail it down. Sounds like he wants some art /poetry rather than a website !

  3. Well better description than some of the ungrateful clients ive had the pleasure of in recent years.

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