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Web Designer Tip: Business Cards

When it comes to business cards, don’t be shy. Go all John Rambo and fire them off at as many people as possible. Business cards are, of course, a great way of summing up your company, what it stands for and how it helps customers. Sit back and entertain a few tips as to how web designers can make the most of their business cards.

Business Cards For Business

I know a friend who hands business cards to girls, a colleague who proudly collects business cards in a purpose made wallet and a hired gun who leaves cards tucked in his victims’ garment along with a red rose and a silk handkerchief. But I find the best use of business cards is handing them out to prospect customers, planting a seed for further communication.

Business Cards Leave An Impression

You only get one chance to make a first impression. This is particularly the case when it comes to handing business cards to prospect customers.

If you can wedge your card into their pocket there’s a greater chance of being recalled at a later date . Theres a high probability that the prospect customer will also check out your website.

So pull out all the stops to ensure consistency across your branding (card and web) and that you have a clear method for the prospect to take it to the next level and contact you. It wouldnt hurt if your website looked awesome too.

Business Card Journey

Envisage the journey the user may take with your business card:

  1. Card to website
  2. Card to phone call
  3. Card to email software
  4. Card to Tescos, then into the bin

Design the business card for the user’s journey and make sure you have the contact details for each journey.

Card To Website Journey

You could create a clear call to action on your website just for business card viewers, or better still, point them to a specific domain:

Free Love To Prospects

Hand out business cards to prospects like a hippie at a love fest – give each prospect a handful. If possible asking “if they know any contacts as ‘clued in’ as they are about your services”.

Business Premises

You’ll find my business cards in most areas of local commerce and business – if there’s an empty desk, stack of cards on a reception, or an empty bulletin board,  I leave my mark.

Non Business Premises

Your local sandwich shop, hairdresser, local supermarket, local leisure center, Tescos and Morrisons – all the places you frequent should be adorned with your mark. People leave the office – but they don’t leave their jobs at home.

Attach To Letters

I tend to not bother with printed letter heads with my logo, branding etc upon them, mainly due to lack of demand in my daily work routine but also becuause of the environmental aspect.

When I do send a printed letter I attach my business card with a  paperclip to a bog standard recycled A4 printed Paper, leaving the business card to do the branding and call to action.

Having a business card attached to the letter also allows the client to pass it onto other contacts.

Family and Friends

Another great place to store your business cards is in the hands of the people who sing your highest praises. I’ve gained four clients so far this year from my truck driver dad, two from a good friend and my Grandma, well, she thinks I design Spider Kites.

I return the favour by having my colleagues’ business cards upon my person too – they leave a mark for me… I leave a mark for them!

Handing Out Business Cards

At first, it can feel awkward handing out business cards – but believe me, you get used to it. Get into character (Not 007) and practise on your better half or significant other.

I tend to say: “here’s my card in case you want to find out more, my website has more info about that, let’s have chat sometime soon”, “do you have a card?”. I don’t like stiff sounding elavator pitches and I don’t have a script.

Notice within my elavator pitch I asked the question “do you have a card?” – this way you get an insight into their company and more importantly their contact details.

So go forth, be bold and leave your mark on your prospective client. He’ll love it!

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  1. I’m going to be writing a post on elavator pitches next – watch this space!

  2. Recently stopped by two American religious fellows I proceeded to turn the meeting on its head by asking then who wrote the content for their brochure – a good copywriter is always on guard.

    Handing over my card we parted ways. Ever since, I’ve been bombarded by calls trying to get me to convert – not what I had planned.

    So the moral of the story is this: if your handing out cards faster than a drunk Dirty Harry, make sure you shoot the right people otherwise you could end up being spammed by disciples of Jebus.


  3. Thanks for the article, I don’t have any cards at the moment and wondered if it was worth it, this article has made me see the light and I am going to get some sorted ASAP. Thanks alot.

  4. I fully agree with the linking approach (card to website etc.). One point I’d like to make is to make it simple. Also think about where your card will probably be stored – if it’ll be stored in a business card book, the probably you should align the text correctly to make it easily readable. All these minor things matter!

  5. Certainly a good idea to drive people from your card to a specific webpage and measure the number of visits.

    Business cards are definitely a key tool and despite their smallness, they are an important part of a companies branding which should not be overlooked. Making that first impression is important!

  6. These are some really great pointers for business cards. The “fire them off at everybody” comment is absolutely true – no point having them if you never use them.

  7. As a graphic designer I am already aware of the importance of a business card and what i like in this post is that also i believe good business card actully leaves great impression and its a great idea to put business cards with gifts and presents , actually do it many times.

  8. To really stand out, make the business card like no other business card – really make it different and leave a lasting impression in people’s minds – but still maintain your key information.

  9. Some nice little tips here. Thanks for sharing :o)

  10. Business cards are essential for promoting a business in local area and its very good to always have few cards with you. Freelance designers need to focus on marketing their services too.


  11. I leave my business cards even with the taxi driver. You never know how would that help in the future. Every person is a new perspective. Sometimes, every little detail counts.

  12. I do find it bizarre how many designers provide business cards to their clients, and yet don’t have one of their own. Good article – some great little tips 🙂

  13. Interesting article – the business card is one of the most fundamental pieces of marketing you do and yet we see so many bad examples every day. We blogged about this very subject a few weeks ago – from a different perspective though. Check it out.


  14. Awesome…Thanks for sharing your nice post..Business cards are, of course, a great way of summing up your company, what it stands for and how it helps customers. The job includes designing a mock-up website that suits best for the type of company you have. Why web design is so important? Very simply, the first thing that a website visitor sees when he comes across your website is your web design.

  15. I just designed some business cards a couple of days ago. Sometimes you have to work hard to convince people that a business card is not a smaller version of their website and there is a limited space for information 🙂

  16. An excellent resource for ‘handing out business cards’. I honestly never thought there was anything about it really, obviously apart from getting potential prospects to give you a call or enquire on your website …

    Your elevator pitch made me laugh lol

  17. Just as important as the design is the choice of stock material used. Many business cards miss the opportunity to provoke a reaction form the other senses (touch and smell). Touch is so important.

  18. I have just had some printed out and just started to hand out and I agree it feels really weird. Anyway thanks for the article…it has some really useful pointers!! I will be practising my “handout card speech”

  19. Jay

    A business card is of great importance and it should be designed in such a way that it reflects the features and characteristics of your company. Because it is the business card that makes an impression on people about your company, even before they become your clients.

  20. As a web designer I find creating cool business cards a nightmare. I got 1000 printed and decided I didn’t like them the next day. I hate the lack of flexibility to tweak them as and when I change my mind.

  21. 58. fantastic points altogether, you simply gained a new reader. What would you recommend in regards to your post that you made some days ago? Any positive?

  22. Good idea to drive people from your card to a specific webpage and measure the number of visits. Thanks for this…

  23. I like your article, although i am not so sure about giving a handful to each prospect! But i know what you mean and just as with all advertising you have to be out there, in your face sort of thing. If you can’t spread a good word about your own web design skills, how can you expect someone else to do it through word of mouth?

  24. thank you for sharing those thoughtful ideas that you’ve posted on your website.. keep on sharing ideas..

  25. Due to past experience, I have always avoided print marketing. I like using the internet to attract customers. I guess that I depends what industry you’re in, and who you target customers are.

  26. I think there will soon be a replacement for the old business card

  27. Anonymous

    Nice article, I like the idea of having a specific domain with an offer on there, might have to try that out the next time I get some printed!

  28. Keithgell

    I really like the idea of putting a google search on a business card. But are Google happy with that?

  29. Matt

    I like to leave my mark every where I go too – thanks, great post

  30. Abrewitt

    Thanks for the comment Matt!

  31. G Adamson

    The ideas contained within this post seem highly theoretical to me. I think a potential client is much more likely to go straight to Google than remember the business card that they received off you a few weeks ago.

    I don’t tend to use business cards as a mean of generating business, but as a way of giving my contact details to new clients.

  32. Great article, a few things to consider for sure!

  33. It is essential for any business to have business cards. It will look more professional. Through these business cards you could leave your business image to your prospect clients.

  34. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog.

  35. Very good post

  36. Hi
    nice post and it is essential part of business to have business cards.
    Do a great job thanks for sharing.

  37. Nice article with useful advice thanks

  38. Foto_clipping

    Business card design is very important. I really prefer to keep it simple, and to provide all necessary information. Too much funky Business cards Look unprofessional

  39. Outstanding tips for nice tactics use in designing of business cards, these are very useful and appreciative advise. Thanks

  40. I was impressed with this news, thanks for posting, I hope to return soon to follow in your notes that are great.

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  42. In recent pas the trend of printed marketing material has dropped treamendously but in my point of view Business card do make a great impact. Nice post over all.

  43. churchwebsite


    thanks to realise how important business card design is..thanks for sharing such a nice post..

  44. The tip on business card you have given here is great.The article is very informative. Each business man need a different style of his business card. This will help them.Nice post.

  45. ReynardFx

    I like that google me business card idea 🙂

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