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Blog Design Bits: Comment Examples

Comments are an important and crucial part of blog design – encouraging a two way conversation and helping to engage and build a readership, offer support, and get customer feedback. Heres 10 great comment design examples.

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  1. Digging the examples like a spade mad farmer. Yep, totally agree that comments are a crucial part of any blog architecture.

    check out my piece on the importance of blogging over at blogwritingservices:

  2. I think the variation and attention to detail of these comments show its an area of blog design that should get more attention.

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  4. Hmm, never actually come across a double-columned design like “particletree”.. would like to see more of that, if only to change things up a bit!

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  7. Great collection of blog comments design. I like these designs and in my opinion comments appreciate the blogers and encourage them. Thanks for the designs.

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