November 25, 2010 in Web Design Critique

Web Design Critique: BBC News

For this week’s web design critique, let’s take a look at the BBC News website in the wake of a major revamp. An example of info design at its very best: the heading sizes show a clearer hierarchy of information, the text is larger with better line spacing to aid readability and the main navigation has been pulled to top center of the page too. If that wasn’t enough, the cheeky fellows behind the overhaul have thrown in larger imagery to draw the eye. The new design feels more roomy than a Hamster in a Tardis, with the BBC adopting a simple 2 column blog like layout. Lets discuss:

The old BBC News Web Design

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11 Responses to Web Design Critique: BBC News

  1. My favourite usability tip has been put to great use on the BBC News design = take something away!

  2. BBC News have made a huge improvement in their new website, the old one was just terrible, this ones seems a lot more pleasing on the eye and extremely more easy to use.

  3. In my opinion they have done a great job at modernizing an already great news website. The new look makes the overall website far less cluttered and user friendly.

  4. Special attention is focused on the functionality of the site so this is a big hit. Criticism of the old can always be taken as an excuse, because each site has to go through a phase of redesign. Praise.

  5. Great new BBC Design. Great job.

  6. I like the new BBC design looks so much better than it used to

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  8. latest BBC design is awesome. Always found it pretty good anyway in terms of navigation but the latest version is far more aesthetically pleasing.

  9. DRC

    Has anyone found a way to customise the view, you could with the old one?
    Even on my high rez monitor the whole thing seem too big, I find it better if I zoom out.

  10. Nice shift that look attractive. I like BBC new look

  11. fastdesign

    Great! Much better.=D

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