November 8, 2010 in Web Marketing Tip

Web Marketing Tip: Use Print Magazines For Research

When it comes to website marketing, understanding your customers is paramount.

Head to your local newspaper shop and pick up a copy of a leading sector print magazine. Who knows how to talk the talk better than the guys who write these magazines? Tthis a cheap, quick and effective way of bolstering your web marketing campaign.

Print Magazines = Good Web Marketing

Print magazines sound a voice which has been perfected to suit to the customer. Flick through the pages and also take note of graphics that push the right buttons and categorisation which suits the content.

So next time you embark upon a web project, ask yourself two important questions:

  1. Who are your customers?
  2. What magazines do they read?

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2 Responses to Web Marketing Tip: Use Print Magazines For Research

  1. Sometimes you just have to call gravy, gravy. It really is that simple.

    Totally agree with your post. The first place to dock your boat should be a magazine shop. Picking up a mag related to the sector you’re about to work in is a great way to kick start the research stage.

    as a freelance copywriter, I often consider sector related content as the benchmark of what you should strive to achieve


  2. I am looking at my sector magazine and planning some major changes on Designbit’s information architecture, features, and content quality.

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