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Difference Between Taxonomy and Folksonomy

A client asked me an interesting question the other day: what’s the difference between Taxonomy and Folksonomy? So I thought I’d be a good Samaritan and share my answer. Firstly, Taxonomy and Folksonomy are common place on the web as tags – tags are keywords that describe data. Content creators and consumers add tags to describe their data. The difference between taxonomy and folksonomy lies in who adds the tags to the data.


Taxonomy tags are added by the content creator or author. Most typical blogs will have a tag cloud – this is a good example of a Taxonomy.


Folksonomy tags are added by the consumer or reader (not the content creator).  So Flickr keywords – where the user can add their own tags / keywords describing a photo – is a good example of a Folksonomy.

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  1. I think taxonomy is the scientific classification of animals while Taxonomist is the one who classifies living things into their Kingdom,Phylum,Class,Order,Genius and Species.

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