Shopify CRM Feature Launched

We’re pleased to announce the general availability of the new CRM feature. We’ve had it in beta for some shops, and we’re eager to get it out to everyone!

This feature allows you to manage your customers easily by allowing you to create customer groups, tag your customers, view customer purchasing history, and more. You’ll find a number of useful customer groups already in your shop to get you started, and creating your own is super easy. Original Post

WordPress iPhone App release

The WordPress IPhone app 2.6 has been optimized for touchscreens. “We are very pleased to announce that WordPress for iOS Version 2.6.1 is now available in the App Store. This release addresses issues many of our users reported with Version 2.6.” WordPress for iOS

October 10, 2010 in Web Design News, Wordpress News

Difference Between Taxonomy and Folksonomy

A client asked me an interesting question the other day: what’s the difference between Taxonomy and Folksonomy? So I thought I’d be a good Samaritan and share my answer. Firstly, Taxonomy and Folksonomy are common place on the web as tags – tags are keywords that describe data. Content creators and consumers add tags to describe their data. The difference between taxonomy and folksonomy lies in who adds the tags to the data.

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