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Web Designer Tip: Outsource Work

HomerSimpson60As a freelance web designer you’ll do well to have certain specialities in your sector. As such, it’s best to be great at a handful of skills, rather than spread yourself thinner than a squashed jellybean. So don’t be the jack of all trades, be the jack of a specific trade and outsource work.
With that in mind, I tend to focus on front-end design. In a nutshell, this means HTML, CSS , Branding and Usability. If complex database work comes along, I outsource the back-end duties to a specialist programmer. It’s a two way stream – the programmers prefer me to undertake the front-end work too.

I’m always on the look out for great people to work alongside, so drop me a line if your great!

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  1. I think this is great advice. I really like to concentrate on the front end stuff and I really need to get linked up with a few good back end people.

    Haha, sounds a bit rude!

  2. It does sound rude! I also think outsorucing gets the client a better deal. They will be working with a specialist in both front and backend.

  3. Joe

    This makes much sense. The guys im currently on work experience with in Bournemouth (UK) are web designers, and make great use of there contacts so they can focus on other things. The outcomes are usually pretty awesome, check it out if you want http://www.pixelfish.co.uk/.

  4. You are absolutely right Anthony. Instead of being jack of all traders being a monster in a single task is better for self growth and to gain appropriate knowledge and also to earn well.

  5. I have agree that freelancer must have skills and focus on it, Thanks for your advise.

  6. Great little tip and that Simpsons episode is fantastic. I totally agree with you, sometimes I will have a certain requirement from a client which I just can not do, or on the other hand just do not have the time. A great example is I recently had a client who had a website built by myself using the PayPal payment gateway and then wanted to incorporate Barclaycard ePDQ. So I found a guy in New Zealand who had already built the module and which must of saved me a good few hours for a small fee.

  7. Tom

    This is something that I am considering more and more. However, I take great pride in my work and would expect any back-end developer that I used to do the same. How did you go about finding a developer that you could rely on?

  8. Thanks to share helpful info…

  9. Ya, you are right, freelancer should focus on one theme rather than diversifying.

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