June 28, 2010 in Web Design Critique

Web Design Critique: Ma.tt

mattThis weeks web design critique is Ma.tt by Nicolò Volpato. A design inspired by Roy Lichtenstein. The designer has layered Lichtenstein’s style across the whole of the blog design. I also love the simplicity of the bold colors in the sidebar, Lets Discuss.

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4 Responses to Web Design Critique: Ma.tt

  1. Highlights of this blog design must be how elegantly the designer has embraced an artists style but I also love the footer; the comment count, and the overall typography.

  2. Big and bold, very nice. Would have been nice to see more rollover effects like on the subscribe button though.

  3. Lichenstein’s print work is amazing and to see somebody successfully transfer this style online is great. Pop art is always difficult in volume, there’s always the risk of it looking too garish. The designer has successfully achieved the pop art look throughout the site from the loud and large background image to the little details of the speech bubbles.

  4. Really cool. I like it, altrough a bit cartoonish to me.

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