June 10, 2010 in Web Design Critique

Web Design Critique: Render Wave

render-wave-design-critiqueThis weeks web design critique is Render Wave by Reset Studio. A design oozing blinging minimalism – if there is such a thing! Love the angular scrolling portfolio pieces. The subtle shades of blue & grey force a calm emotional response and the angular lines press home a precision finish. Lets Discuss.

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3 Responses to Web Design Critique: Render Wave

  1. I didn’t mention the finish, that last 5% of the design has been beautifully crafted. Love those angles!

  2. I Like, cool web design.

    I would say my favourite part of the design would indeed be that kinda magnified glass effect used on the scroller, a unique design twist.

    I’m always one to prefer lightly textured colours as opposed to flat shades and your right about the mood that blue and grey injects.

  3. I found this link on the wordpress dashboard, thank you for the critics, we appreciate that!

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