March 13, 2010 in Web Design Critique

Web Design Critique: Theme Slice

psd-wordpress-design-themeslice2This weeks web design critique is by Mike Jolley and is a re-design of our  joint venture; Theme Slice. The angular, traditional, paged design a throw back to web 1.0, but with elegance and style. Smooth Scroll has been put to good effect to create a website that’s fun to navigate. Lets Discuss.

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16 Responses to Web Design Critique: Theme Slice

  1. Loving the hand stitched style emphasizing the craft of the product, the offset section headings look great too, I’m all for minimal elegant design.

  2. I love this style of website, it’s simplicity just makes it work in my opinion

  3. It is a simple design and does what it should, but it doesn’t leave me feeling warm and fuzzy inside, I guess I find it a little dull, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good design, just not exciting.

  4. Matt Pattinson (copywriter)

    The re-design invokes images of water in my mind – almost a mirror effect, kind of transparent which I’d say ties in nicely with minimalist/simplicity of the venture.

  5. the phrase kiss (keep it simple stupid) comes to mind.

    a good design.

  6. I loved this post . this post is giving me my site creative. it look like a very creative and eye candy thanks for this post

  7. I like the color of the design and the spacing between each element is well spaced that’s make it clean look.

  8. LIke this post. Specialy the overall theme and color combination is attractive. Thanks for sharing

  9. Clear and effective design. I agree with Anthony, the hand-stitch/dotted lines work well with the ‘slice’ website name.

  10. Great clean and simply design, nice icons for the navigation too.

  11. Hi.

    very simple and cool Design,

    I think Designer inspired by SEOMOZ


    Great theme !

  12. Amazing work keep it up.
    cool design

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