February 12, 2010 in Web Design News, Shopify News

Shopify Rocks : Foo Fighters Shop

shopify-designIt’s official, Shopify rocks! if you’ve used it you already know that, but now its official as the new Foo Fighters shop is built on Shopify, the shop is a typical Shopify design easy to use, minimal layout and a user friendly checkout system. Check it out.

I’m a big Foo Fighters fan, I went to see them last year at the Manchester City football club stadium, the show was fantastic, the sound was perfect. Two memories of the gig stand out for me, firstly; We stood midway towards the stage and to our surprise as they started playing the crowd swallowed my wife and me up into the center of a massive lively mosh pit.

Lucy didnt like being in the center of it all, probably the two half naked sweaty blokes either side of us, but I recall my gig shy wife commenting on how pretty and cute it was that some of the crowd brought balloons to pass around the stadium, she didint realize people where throwing condoms at Dave Grohl, very rock n roll.

The other was the sound of one of my favourite riffs of all time at loud volume echoing around the stadium “Everlong”:

Heres another little Foo Fighters taster in case you havent heard: Long Road To Ruin:

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I’d been looking at BigCartel for a new project. Might give Shopify a go instead.

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